Ep.29 with Mandy Taylor, phenomenal charity fundraiser & 'Cancer Kicking Yorkshire Lass'.

About this podcast

I am very lucky to have managed to get this weeks guest to come and sit still for the next hour to talk with me as she is usually non-stop!

Welcome Mandy Taylor who describes herself as a "Cancer Kicking Yorkshire Lass'. Mandy is the founder of Charity Angels and the Winging It Club, a well known front of house face at the fabulous Bibis restaurant in the heart of Leeds. A new member of the Yorkshire based TopicUK magazine team and a phenomenal charity fundraiser not to mention a survivor of breast cancer twice. Mandy is a ray of sunshine with her positive attitude to life and a real inspiration.


A song the motivates you? Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. That's my song always has been, always will be.

A book that's inspired you?

Who inspires you? Kim Leadbeater, she is a phenomenal women who I'm blessed to know and have worked alongisde.

Further Information

To keep up to date with everything Mandy gets up to you can follow her over on Instagram @charitymrst, Twitter @Charity_Angels and Facebook @CharityAngelsUK

I have to say it's the first time I've recorded an interview in such a glamorous setting. Todays recording took place in Dakota Hotel in Leeds so I'd like to say thank you to them for being so accommodating and this might just have to be my new place for meetings.

Background music credited to Scott Holmes - Our Big Adventure.

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