Ep.87 Liberte Free to Be,

with Jane Earnshaw,

founder of Chique Studios.







It feels so good to be back interviewing inspiring women and even more so now that I can meet the women face to face. 
This weeks guest is very much on the same page as I am when it comes to helping empower women to feel more confident in their bodies.

Jane Earnshaw is the founder of Chique Studios,  a photography and make over business, with studios in Leeds, Sheffield and Hull. 

Helping to inspire women to become more confident in front of the camera and embrace their natural beauty. 
Have you ever wanted to book a photo session but been too scared to try? I spent the day with Jane to hopefully help bust some of those fears away and show you just how accessible it is for everyone and what an impact it can have on someones confidence.

I was lucky to spend the day behind the scenes with the Chique team at the Sheffield studio to experience first hand how their team work to lift people up and I can't wait to share the photos from our shoot. The studio is incredible with so many different sets ready to create some magic.
Jane started Chique in her forties and is now on a mission to reach as many people as she can with her positive message.

“Feeling confident, being comfortable in your own skin - that’s what really makes you beautiful.”  

Subjects covered-

  • Jane's journey to becoming a business woman
  • Finding confidence later in life
  • What is Chique Studios all about?
  • How you can find new body confidence in front of a camera
  • The difference in body confidence as we age
    Social media and filters
  • Empowering lingerie range

You can find out more about the Chique Studios-

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 I'll be back in a fortnight but in the meantime .....
Keep being fabulous
Rachel x
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