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Rants & Big Pants?

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Welcome back to a brand new series of Liberté- Free to Be , new name, new look and I've even got my own music too!

What better way to kick things off than inviting the dynamic duo ⁠Rants and Big Pants⁠, aka Neens and dB on the show.

These ladies are not only doing a great job at keepings things Realtor their midlife community but they are bundles of fun too so I knew we would have an interesting conversation. I wasn't disappointed!

Meet Neens and dB-

Big Pants’ Neens…A veteran of the singing and entertainment circuit with ‘SHOWBIZ’ running through her in big glittery letters with a personality to match,

She is passionate about bringing awareness and offering help/support and advice on Alzheimer’s after looking after her late, beloved Dad as he battled this terrible disease.  Neens also loves all things beauty and after nearly 20 years working in cosmetics, is always happy to share her knowledge.  Everything about our Neens sparkles from her love of disco to her warm/funny personality.  Neens isn't afraid to step outside her comfort zone and practices what she preaches.

‘Rants’ dB is the writer and wannabe cowgirl.  Give this girl jeans, trainers (or cowboy boots) and anything leopard print and watch her go.  

 Known by all as dB (yes, that’s a small d and a capital B). She loves recommending films/tv or just having a rant because yep, she’s the Rants to Neens’ Big Pants and honestly when she’s on one she just gets louder and louder.  dB is overcoming her own imposter syndrome as she proudly publishes her first novel this month. At heart she’s still just a girl who tucks her vest into her knickers.

They may seem like chalk and cheese but their shared values bond them together to create a dream team.

Subjects covered

  • Where their friendship started, was it love at first sight?
  • Keeping it real and showing up as your authentic self
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • How their different personalities complement each other
  • How to let go of the fear of other peoples judgements
  • Caring for elderly parents suffering with Alzheimers- Neens shares her own experience of how she volunteered in her dads care home during lockdown so she could still see him
  • Being brave and stepping out of your comfort zone- dB's publishes her first novel this month
  • The Rants & Big Pants Big Weekender⁠- The weekend of Friday 20th May to Sunday 22nd May. And you're ALL invited.

What does Free to Be mean to Rants and Big Pants?

dB- "To show up for myself anyway I like"

Neens- "To be myself always"

What does Free to Be mean to you?

To find out more about these fabulous ladies visit-⁠ https://www.rantsandbigpants.com/⁠

 I'll be back next week but in the meantime 

Keep being fabulous 

Rachel x

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