From Vintage Threads to Sustainable Futures

with creative collaborator, Tee Gray

Liberte Free to Be podcast with Tee Gray

Have you ever pondered the threads that stitch together the story of our lives with the clothes we wear? 

Tee Gray, whose roots in Leeds’s historic fashion industry, blossomed amidst the vibrant fashion and clubbing scene of 80's London, takes us on an eclectic journey.

As we traverse the city's evolving music and fashion landscape, Tee's transformation from psychiatric nursing to a creative life in fashion embodies the synergy of personal growth and sartorial expression. 

Tee shares candid stories of overcoming setbacks and celebrates the pro-aging movement's spotlight at London Fashion Week to an opportunity to shoot with Rankin.

 Fashion's fleeting trends often overshadow the pressing need for sustainability and ethical production; this episode challenges the status quo. 

Tee's insights spotlight the resurgence of garment altering and ethical consumption, particularly among millennials. Tee shares her own love of collecting preloved jewellery and iconic fashion pieces that she not only incorporates in to her own wardrobe but also sells in her ⁠TrueStreetCurator⁠⁠ ⁠ collection, available at the ⁠Red House⁠ in York.

 This episode is a patchwork of perspectives, experiences, and revelations that promise to leave you inspired to create a wardrobe that tells your unique story, one that's responsibly chic and timelessly fashionable.

 I had the pleasure of interviewing Tee in the newly launched ⁠Trad Collective⁠ store in the heart of Leeds, which was the perfect place to discuss our love for pre-loved and reworked sustainable fashion. I came away with an amazing reworked vintage denim jacket with a fabulous Frida Kahlo print on the back. It’s definitely worth a visit!

 I left our conversation feeling not only inspired but even more determined to fight against ageism in the fashion industry because it’s women’s voices like Tee’s that need to be part of the fashion forward conversation. Older women have lived experiences and wisdom to share that the next generation can learn so much from.

Chapter summary-

Women's Voices in Fashion Industry
Amplifying voices of older women in fashion, Leeds' tailoring heritage, Tee's journey from nurse to underground fashion figure.

Fashion and Creativity in London
London's MTV era fueled creativity in fashion and image-making, emphasizing the need for sustainability and inclusivity in the industry.

Sustainable Fashion and Ethical Consumption
Embracing midlife with positivity, street casting for unconventional beauty, pro-aging movement, sustainable fashion, and celebrating life's stages.

Cultivating Sustainable Fashion in Everyday Life
Upcycled fashion, streetwear vs. high fashion, lasting value of thoughtful choices, North-South divide in UK fashion industry.

 To find out more about Tee Gray visit-

IG ⁠@truestreetcurators⁠

X  ⁠@truemuse1⁠

Linkedin ⁠https://www.linkedin.com/in/tee-gray/⁠ 

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