Ep.79 Liberte Free to Be, 

 with Transformational Confidence Coach Lilli Badcock.



Lilli Badcock is a woman who is embracing life to the full and helping others to do the same. She is a Transformational Confidence and Spiritual Purpose Coach, using Singing as a tool to help others connect to the truth of who they are. Lilli's is also a  Professional Singer and International Best Selling Author. Founder and Host of The Confidence Academy Podcast and Rest & Reset Retreats and Director of The Evolution and Harmony Collective Choirs.

As with so many of my guests, it has not been plain sailing with lots of bumps along the way to finding her true purpose. Anxiety is a common issue in midlife and can often create a huge barrier to people wanting to move forward or change direction later in life. Lilli uses her platforms to share her own experience of coping with anxiety and some of the tips that helped her through it.

I loved Lilli's story of Nanny Nanette learning to sing in her 90's and what a great reminder to us all that it's never too late to try something new!

Subjects covered-
·  Singing and music
·  Losing her voice
·  Dealing with anxiety
·  Coping with self doubt
·  Resisting change
·  Finding your true purpose and passion
·  The power of the song
·  Finding joy in activities
·  Never too old to learn to sing!

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I'll be back next week but in the meantime .....
Keeping being fabulous
Rachel x
(Music credited to Scott Holmes- By Big Adventure)
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