Ep.21 with Sam Bunch, author of Collecting Conversations and Menopause - A Hot Topic.

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Welcome back to Episode 9 , Liberte Free to Be with his weeks guest Sam Bunch, author of Collecting Conversations (100 women sharing there every day thoughts) and newly published Menopause- A Hot Topic. Sam also has TEDX speaker to add to her list which is no mean feat. We talk about the insights she's gained from collecting all these conversations, how she overcomes her dislike for being in the spotlight and what it's actually like to present a live TEDX talk.


Favourite song- 'I can see clearly now' by Jimmy Cliff

Inspiring book- Anam Cara by John O'Donohue

Who inspires you? Normal every day people.

Further Information

I can definitely recommend you all read "Collecting Conversations" and Menopause -A Hot Topic, which you can directly order from www.collectingconversations.com where you also catch up with Sam's blog. The books are also available on Amazon. To keep up to date with everything Sam is getting up to you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook @collectingconversations and Twitter @collecctingconvs. Sam's Ted talk "what to learn about life, stop and listen" which has been watched by thousands, is available at www.Ted.com

Background music credited to Scott Holmes - Our Big Adventure.

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