Ep.115 Liberte Free to Be

with Award-winning journalist

Dawn-Maria France

who shares a passion for women's rights, equality and diversity










Meet Dawn-Maria France who is an accomplished award-winning journalist and the Editor-in-chief of a news-led women’s magazine Yorkshire Women’s Life. She is a also travel writer, children's author and broadcaster.

A fellow Yorkshire lass, Dawn-Maria is not only passionate about her Caribbean Asian roots but also on important issues including women’s rights, equality, diversity and mental health.

Dawn has a breadth of  broadcasting experience appearing on the BBC TV & radio, Sky News as well as European channels including Spain's largest English-speaking radio station: Talk Radio Europe, where Dawn-Maria talked about women in the media.

Dawn-Maria has presented awards at award ceremonies and has sat on news panels discussing 'women in the news', and 'global news stories'. She was a panellist on 'Views in the News' at the highly respected Women of the World festival.
Dawn-Maria has interviewed celebrities and prominent public figures including Lord Andrew Adonis and Businesswoman, CEO, celebrity Caprice Bourret.

Dawn and I had so much to talk about from women in the media, why representation is so important and what inspired her to write her children’s picture books: The Adventures of Jenny and Philip. Through her books Dawn aims to teach children about ethics and morals , about the world them and their place in it.

Subjects covered-

  • What drew Dawn-Maria to journalism and wanting to share other peoples stories
  • Life as a young black journalist from the north of England
  • The mental wellbeing impact of racism 
  • Staying true to your roots and being your authentic self
  • Why representation matters
  • The need to hear more working class voices from the North represented in the media
  • Where the inspiration came from to write The Adventures of Jenny and Philip
  • Self publishing v the traditional publishing root

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