The 9 to 5 Menopause

with Fay Reid



I first met Fay Reid when we were both shooting with Refinery29 for an Avon campaign and I adore her energy and attitude to life.

Fay Reid is the founder of 9 to 5 Menopause - which she set up on Instagram after starting the menopause and finding there were no women she could relate to, when researching her symptoms. Fay launched 9to5menopause on social media, initially just to share tips and present menopause in a more realistic light (not old, white, and grey haired as usually depicted online).

When Fay started going through the menopause there was a lack of information – 

“I started having symptoms at the age of 46 but the people who were talking about menopause were White, affluent women who didn’t have a job. They recommended private clinics, nutritionists, and yoga. That is not my life, I’ve got a job to go to. So, I started 9 to 5 Menopause, because there were no women in the workplace talking about menopause. I wanted to champion the average woman who’s got to run for a train in the morning and has to sit through a meeting having hot flushes"

Fay’s aim is to highlight and inform women of all ages and ethnicities that the menopause is nothing to fear and to share her tips for navigating this transition in a woman's life. 

I’ve been a big fan of the work Fay is doing and I’m also inspired be her new found love of weight training, which she shares on her instagram account. Gyms and exercise classes can often feel a bit intimidating as an older woman, but Fay has really embraced the challenge and her progress is amazing. Another example that it’s never too late to try a new sport or activity!


Subjects covered-

·      Who is Fay Reid? 3 words that describe Fay and why she chose them.

·      Behind the scenes of our Refinery29 shoot day.

·      Fay shares her own experience of the peri and menopause.

·      Lack of representation for black women going through the menopause.

·      Keeping it real on social media.

·      Grieving for the loss of her mum. 

·      The challenges of midlife. 

·      Bouncing back and changing direction later in life.

·      The menopause comes in all ages , sizes and colours.

·      Discovering weight training and the positive impact it’s had on her life.

·      Representation and inclusivity matters.

·      What’s next?


What does ‘Free to Be’ mean to Fay Reid?

Free to be means own who you are and be happy with it. Don't get side tracked in to thinking you need to be something else. Be who you want to be and be happy with that"

What does Free to Be mean to you?

 To find out more visit- www.fayreid.com

Follow Fay on Instagram @9to5menopause 

I'll be back next week but in the meantime  

Keep being fabulous   
Rachel x ⁠⁠

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