Ep.83 Liberte Free to Be, 

 with Psychotherapist and

Sexologist Expert

Dania Schiftan.





It's time we started to talk more openly as women about sex to help remove the stigma and I'm delighted to be joined by psychotherapist and sexologist expert Dania Schiftan. 

A recognized expert in sexuality, partnership, and successful relationships, Dania is a regular contributor for many well-known various newspapers (online and print), columns and blogs (Galaxus, Any working Mom). 
Her first book "COMING SOON - " (Piper) was released in Germany in August 2018. The book was an overwhelming success and has now been translated into English – COMING SOON: Great Orgasms and Better Sex at Your Fingertips (Greystone) 

I have talked with so many women who begin to feel disconnected with their bodies as they become peri-menopausal and hit the menopause but we are still often reluctant to acknowledge and share the impact it can have on our sex lives. We aren't prepared for the vaginal dryness, reoccurring cystitis and thrush that can begin to plague us never mind the loss of libido and body confidence. 

Dania is passionate about helping women normalise these conversations, so if you want to have a happy sex life then you can begin to explore new ways with confidence at every chapter of your life. I loved hearing that one of her oldest clients was an 85 year old woman , once agin showing us all its never to late to learn something new!

Subjects covered-

  • Why sexology?
  • Opening up honest conversations around sex?
  • The importance of early sex education
  • Call it what it is
  • How to embrace our ever changing bodies
  • Learning to reconnect with your body during the menopause
  • Claiming back ownership of sexual pleasure
  • Lifting the shame around the subject of sex
  • The importance of true representation of womens bodies 
  • Links between Sex, body confidence and our mental wellbeing 

If you'd like to find out more about Dania please visit her website-  https://www.daniaschiftan.ch

Order a copy of Coming Soon:Great Orgasms and Better Sex at your Fingertips 
Just like with anything else in life, if you want to get better at sex, you need to practice. And if you want to understand the female orgasm, you need to start by understanding the female body. In Coming Soon Dania shares her ten-step program for women to increase sexual responsiveness and deepen their awareness of their body's sensations, leading to more satisfying orgasms through penetration, the ability to control when and how to orgasm, and more empowering sex with a partner.

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