Time for a self-worth revolution

with Liz Cashin


Meet the women who's shouting out loud for a self-worth revolution!

Lis Cashin is a transformation specialist for the new wave of heart-led women leaders to transform self-doubt into unshakable self-worth.​ ​Her award-winning and best-selling self-help memoir 'This is ME: My journey to mental wellbeing' gives a roadmap to living a life of happiness without suffering.She is also a passionate speaker and was voted 'Speaker of the year' in 2021 by a region of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK. I heard Lis talk at one of Lisa Cliffords brilliant immersive empowerment event and knew I had to get her on the podcast.

Lis is also a global and TEDx speaker and her talk entitled 'Mental health awakening: suffering is optional' can be seen here . Lis has had a challenging path in her own life, having lived through complex trauma as a child. But through her journey to coming to know her own worth, she has learned so much about the strength of the human spirit, what really holds us back and how we can transform and become who we were really meant to be.

She is now passionate about sharing all she has learned to help other women to become the vibrant aligned leaders they were meant to be! Born in the UK, she is a 'life adventurer' and loves to travel and explore different countries and cultures. She loves to create joyful moments - whether connecting with loved ones, dancing 'til she drops or spending time in nature.

Subjects covered-

  • Who is Lis Cashin?
  • What is your superpower? How to own it
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs
  • The big awakening
  • Reconnecting with your heart in midlife
  • What is transformational work?
  • "When you're climbing up a ladder make sure it's against the right wall!"
  • It's ok to be selfish and put yourself first
  • Becoming a public speaker and overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Delivering a TedX talk

  • Find Lis at- Website: ⁠www.liscashin.com⁠

Instagram: @liscashin

Facebook: @liscashin

​What does Free to Be mean to Lis? ''

Free to be ME. without needing any permission from anyone to do that".

What does free to.be mean to you?

I'll be back next week but in the meantime

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