Ep.75 Liberte Free to Be, 

 with Sports and Fitness Instructor

Kate Rowe-Ham





This weeks interview is all about sport and getting active. If like me you are still scarred from 1970's school sports lessons, you might struggle to have found that one activity that brings you joy and keeps you motivated. Whilst I enjoy keeping active by dog walking, jogging and swimming I've still not found my one thing. After talking with Kate I left with renewed motivation to keep trying new activities.

 Kate Rowe-Ham is a Level 3 qualified personal trainer who specialises in helping women reach their fitness potential.  She will help you find a love of exercise, giving you tools you need to adopt a sustainable approach to exercise giving, you long-lasting results.  
As a mum of 3, Kate knows how needs needs can fall by the wayside and is passionate about motivating and inspiring women, in helping you find ways to time to get fit and stay fit.  Having suffered from disordered eating, Kate knows first hand how hard it can be to regain your body confidence especially after children.  She has first hand experience of heading into peri-menopause and how some of the symptoms can leave you feeling very overwhelmed and anxious. Kate is determined to help you reach and achieve your fitness goals, so you stay strong mentally and physically. 

I'm a huge fan of Kate's free live instagram workouts, aimed at women who struggle to find the time to workout. Kate wants to encourage you to see how a healthy diet and exercise can make a positive impact on how you feel, and for you to you can gain an understanding of how mind and body work together , so you truly appreciate what you are capable of regardless of your shape, size or age.

Subjects covered-

  • Finding joy through sports later in life
  • Stepping away from the weighing scales and disassociating the joy of being active from those number on the scales.
  • Becoming a personal trainer after 40
  • Your changing body after 40
  • Peri menopause
  • Gaining inspiration from Joe Wicks
  • Ageism in the fitness industry
  • Setting goals and challenges

If you'd like to know about Kates personal training service please visit her fabulous Instagram page

I'll be back next week but in the meantime .....

Keeping being fabulous Rachel x 


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