Exploring Midlife Romance:

Navigating Love, Menopause and

Online Dating with

UK's Relationship expert Kate Taylor



Valentine's Day often arrives with a mixed bag of emotions, doesn't it?

Some revel in the celebration of love, while others feel the sting of societal expectations. What better time to invite one of the UK's leading relationship experts,⁠ Kate Taylor⁠, to talk about midlife dating, love, sex and relationships later in life.

I had the pleasure of working with Kate back in 2022 whilst working for ⁠Our Time⁠, the online dating for over 50's. A nationwide study, carried out by Our Time, found that far from dwindling over time, more than half of over-50s (53%) claimed they feel friskier and sexier now than ever before. You can imagine Kate and I had a lot to talk about on the radio that day! 

The research also found a quarter of over-50s said their relationship and sex life became more exciting after hitting a half century.

Kate's work includes writing for the  The Sun⁠, ⁠Readers Digest,⁠ GQ, The Daily Mail, you may have even heard Alexa telling you some of Kate's dating tips. Kate is also an author of ⁠five books⁠ and the ⁠Our Time's⁠ dating expert.

Kate discusses the surging divorce rates among the 40 to 49 demographics, offering solace and wisdom for those questioning their romantic paths. Both Kate and I found love online, on Match.com in our forties, and we share our personal experiences and victories, proving that new beginnings can be just a click away.

Navigating the dating scene during menopause can seem overwhelming. Kate’s excellent advice guides you through the intricacies of online dating expectations and how to plan for a comfortable first encounter.

As Kate discusses dating later in life can be a transformative experience, urging you to explore new possibilities of romance.

It's not just about new relationships either. Kate offers some excellent advice on how to rekindle a dwindling long term relationship and why she believes sex is such an important part of that.

-------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------

(0:00:02) - Dating Relationships in Midlife and Beyond

(0:09:28) - Navigating Dating and Menopause Challenges

(0:16:44) - Maintaining Connection During Menopause Relationships

(0:25:50) - Confidence and Success in Online Dating

(0:30:14) – What does Liberté- Free to Be mean to Kate?


(0:00:02) - Dating Relationships in Midlife and Beyond

Midlife dating, Valentine's Day, and online dating are discussed by relationship expert ⁠Kate Taylor ⁠and the host, sharing personal experiences.

(0:09:28) - Navigating Dating and Menopause Challenges

Managing expectations and challenges of online dating, including menopause, and tips for safe and comfortable first dates.

(0:16:44) - Maintaining Connection During Menopause Relationships

Understanding hormonal changes and seeking medical advice can help maintain intimacy during menopause.

(0:25:50) - Confidence and Success in Online Dating

Dating over 50 through online platforms, dispelling attractiveness myths, presenting oneself positively, and changing perceptions of online dating.

(0:30:14) - Meaning of Liberté and Free to Be

Embrace self-love, try online dating, join the Liberté-Free to Be community, engage on Instagram, subscribe, and support the podcast.

Kate's website has an amazing collection of insightful blogs, covering a wide range of relationship topics.

To find out more ⁠Kate Taylor

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