Who is Rachel Peru?

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My name is Rachel Peru, and I am a silver haired curve model, body confidence activist, midlife influencer, and the woman behind Liberte Free to Be.
I began my new career as a model at the age of 46 and I would never have had the confidence to do this in my twenties and thirties, I would be running down the street shouting no thanks! I struggled with a lack of self-belief and body confidence, and it wasn’t until I hit my forties that things started to change.
I am extremely scared of heights, but for my 40th birthday I did a tandem sky dive for charity hoping it would cure me. It didn’t cure the vertigo, but it did kick start my confidence building and I started the decade with a new sense of self belief and excitement.  Since then I’ve learnt to  say “Yes" a lot more with some surprising outcomes.
I love being able to represent older women in the fashion industry and have worked with some amazing people and brands including JDWilliams, F&F Clothing with Davina McCall and alongside my body confidence icon Ashley Graham for Swimsuits for All. My favourite shoots are always swimwear and lingerie and now I’m 53 I finally feel at ease with my body which is liberating.
Through social media, I have connected with and been inspired by so many fabulous older women that are really embracing the next chapter of their lives, finding new passions and purpose later in life. This has led me to build a dynamic community to revitalise, inspire, motivate, and support you to get the best out of life. 

I’m still growing and saying yes to this new way of life which is now taking my husband Mark and I in an exciting and different direction. Now that my three children have grown up and left the nest it’s our time to explore the things we really love to do. Mark is leaving the world of banking after 30 years and we are making some big life changing decisions. Our family home is for sale, and we will be downsizing, paying off the remaining mortgage with big plans to travel and explore the world as much as we can, ‘Free to Be” has inspired this new way of life. You can keep up to date with all our adventures on the Free to Be Travel page.

Liberte Free to Be was created to spread some positivity around midlife and share inspiration to others who may be feeling a bit lost as they hit their forties and beyond. I know from my own experience that stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things in life can lead to all sorts of opportunities and bring a new lease of life to this next chapter.

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Keep being fabulous.
Rachel x


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