Crafting a life of bold choices and interior design

with Siobhan Murphy

aka Interior Curve 


My heart is always full of joy when Siobhan Murphy‚ aka @InteriorCurve to the design world‚ steps into a room, her presence is a brilliant burst of colour and confidence. Siobhan joins me to share her story, from childhood sketches to her celebrated status as a successful interior designer, best-selling author and body confidence activist.

Siobhan's journey through BBC's 'Interior Design Masters' TV show and beyond serves as a testament to living authentically, and together we explore her journey and acknowledge the bravery needed to let your personal style shine through.

Siobhan recounts leaving the world of the NHS to embrace her creative talent, into the realm of design, initially sparked by a transformative sabbatical. Moments of uncertainty are laid bare, be it on live TV with no safety net or stepping out to present to large audiences. The thread that connects us all, the exhilarating leap of faith into new chapters of our careers, emerges as we discuss the growth that comes from pushing beyond our comfort zones. All while fostering that 'fake it till you make it' mentality that's often the secret weapon against those whispers of doubt.

Siobhan shares her dreams‚ from expanding her wallpaper design brand, chasing fresh television prospects, penning another book‚ along with the ever-present balancing act between business demands and creative flow.

As we wrap up, the conversation turns to the art of accepting compliments, the importance of self-acceptance, and supporting each other through midlife's vibrant journey.
Join us, and don't forget to celebrate every bit of your fabulous self along the way.

Find out more about Siobhan: Interior Curve

(0:00:05) - Empowering Women's Midlife Journey
(0:06:04) - From Hesitation to Confidence
(0:17:20) - Maximalism
(0:24:02) - Career Transitions and Taking Risks
(0:31:30) - Future Plans and Inspirations
(0:36:05) - Accepting Compliments and Being Yourself
(0:40:42) - Inspiration and Support in Midlife Community


(0:00:05) - Empowering Women's Midlife Journey
Interior Curve's Siobhan Murphy shares her journey from fashion to interior design, body confidence activism, and bold, statement-driven designs.

(0:06:04) - From Hesitation to Confidence
Transition from corporate job to creative freedom, finding joy in work, taking a chance on the Interior Design Masters TV show, and embracing personal style.

(0:17:20) - Maximalism
Maximalism in design is about playful layering, personal expression, and the synergy between fashion and interior design.

(0:24:02) - Career Transitions and Taking Risks
Behind-the-scenes of live TV, challenges of digital content, personal growth, and choosing passion over familiarity.

(0:31:30) - Future Plans and Inspirations
Siobhan discusses expanding her wallpaper design business, television opportunities, and authoring a book, while finding inspiration in travel.

(0:36:05) - Accepting Compliments and Being Yourself
Accepting compliments, acknowledging creativity, and embracing individuality in style and surroundings for self-contentment.

(0:40:42) - Inspiration and Support in Midlife Community
Empowerment, connection, and celebration of freedom in midlife.

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