The Big Rebrand

 Why I'm saying goodbye to

Out of the Bubble, and hello to

Liberté-Free to Be!



Going solo for a quick catch up and to tell you all why I'm saying goodbye to Out of the Bubble and hello to Liberté-Free to Be!

Don't panic, I'm not going anywhere but I am having a big rebrand and embracing change.

Since I first started the podcast in 2018 I've been on my own journey of growth alongside the 124 women I've interviewed.

I started Out of the Bubble because when I first started modelling at 46 I was often overwhelmed with imposter syndrome, had wobbles of insecurity and self doubt and I gained great strength and inspiration from other women's stories on social media. I wanted to create a platform for these women to create a positive ripple effect on other women in midlife.

The name came from my own life changes, such as divorce that took me to a new stage of life where I just had to step out of my own bubble and I've never looked back.

I'm 53 this May and I feel the most aligned and confident now than at any stage of my adult life and that's exciting. It's a liberating feeling to stop worrying about if you fail, to stop caring what others might be thinking of you and to embrace all of you, flaws and all.

Which is what's led me to the rebrand decision, I started feeling like I'd stepped out of the bubble and was ready to move on, I hope I've taken lots of you with me!

The podcast will now be called Liberté-Free To Be and It will be business as usual just with an extra sparkle of my new vava voom!

My new logo reflects where I'm at right now in life and it feels good to be showing up this way.

I will be launching the next series 6, on Tuesday 2nd May.

Don't worry I'll be back before then to keep you update with all the details!

What does Free to Be mean to you?

Back soon but in the meantime...

Keep being fabulous

Rachel x

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