Ep.65 Liberte Free to Be, 

with body confidence expert Astrid Longhurst


This weeks guest is a woman who has blown me away with her own body confidence journey and we could have talked for hours about this subject that we are both so passionate about. It's worth a having pen and paper to hand as body confidence expert Astrid Longhurst gives so many tips on how to find your body confidence and embrace who we are right now.

Astrid is the founder and director of the Institute for Body Confidence Coaching. She is also the author of the highly acclaimed book, “Body Confidence” and was the former fitness presenter on GMTV delivering her hugely inspirational morning workouts for every shape, size, age and ability!

Astrid began her career as a dancer and then moved into fitness, becoming the first size 24 fitness presenter on National Television. Having always struggled with her weight and own body image & health issues she went on to train and qualify in counselling & psychotherapy and subsequently in Life, Personal & Executive business coaching.

Subjects covered-
· The power of language
· The pressures in society around our bodies and the impact it can have from a very early age
· Discovering the world of fitness
· Becoming the first plus size fitness instructor on national television
· Astrid’s personal body confidence journey
· Overcoming huge physical hurdles due to illness
· Reconnecting with your body
· How we can start becoming kinder to our bodies
· Tips and advice on how we can embrace our bodies and learn to recognise we are all good enough just as we are, right atthis moment
· Romancing Your Body book
· The Body Confidence Coaching Institute

If you’d like to find out more about Astrid then please visit her website here
You can also find Astrid on social media Facebook and Instagram

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