Creativity and Connection in the Chorus of Life

with singer and coach Sophie Garner

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Ever wondered how a melody can lift spirits or a chorus can heal hearts?

Join us as I welcome back the remarkable ⁠Sophie Garner⁠, whose voice and vision are transforming lives through the power of singing. Sophie first joined the podcast in 2020 (Ep.57) and has been on a non-stop mission since we last spoke. 

Sophie shares her journey since 2020, from empowering corporate executives with song to facilitating workshops that champion emotional healing. Her work with a diverse array of groups, including those navigating the aftermath of brain injuries and teenagers confronting trauma, is nothing short of transformative. Prepare to be inspired by Sophie's stories of levelling the playing field with a melody and the profound impact that music and singing can have on personal growth. 

 We chat about the magic that happens when we sing—how the release of endorphins and serotonin can alleviate pain and create a sense of connection that's as palpable as the harmonies in a choir. We tackle the myth of 'tone-deafness' and share uplifting stories of individuals who've found their voice beyond the shadows of childhood singing snags. I witnessed the power of Sophie’s community choir workshops at last year’s ⁠Womanifest⁠, where she brought together a group of strangers and within an hour had created a harmonious choir that performed live that day, it was magical to watch.

 Sophie is also on a mission to unlock people’s creativity with her new book "Reawakening the Creative Playmaker," which will be out this month and I am very proud to have contributed , sharing my own reconnection with creativity later in life. 

 I am so excited about our upcoming workshop , Sophie and I invite you to join us, on Saturday 20th April, In Leeds for an event that's more than just a choir session—it's a gathering of empowerment, creativity, and community.

The day is going to be an incredible experience of empowerment through singing and creative self expression and  built body confidence. Sophie is a professional  singer and the UKs Choir to Confidence coach,  through her expert knowledge, she will support and guide you, connecting you to your own unique voice and power, unleashing your creativity. We will learn three songs and perform them live on social media at the end of the day. It's going to be magical.

You can find out more here- ⁠https://www.tickettailor.com/events/sophiegarner/1184339 ⁠

So, tune in, harmonize with us, and rediscover the joy of creative living.

To find out more about Sophie's work visit-⁠⁠ Sophie Garner⁠⁠.com

You can also follow Sophie on Instagram ⁠https://www.instagram.com/sophie.garner/⁠

Key points-

00:00) - Reconnecting with Singer and Choir

(08:18) - The Healing Power of Singing

(18:24) - Reawakening Creative Playmaker

(28:31) - Women Empowering Through Music and Community

(35:23) – The Empowerment Workshop- The Choir workshop

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Rachel x


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