Midlife Transformations

with silver model

Susan Esco



I am always inspired and excited when I hear about women who pivot careers and take brave steps to changing their life direction after 40 and this weeks guest is another great example.

⁠Susan Esco⁠ is a vivacious and silverlicious midlife goddess raising the Vibe of Humanity, one smile at a time. Susan grew out her silver hair about ten years ago. She is also passionate about encouraging women to love themselves unconditionally and embrace their authenticity through her ⁠#DYEfree2BME⁠ silver hair movement. 

Susan started her ⁠modelling career⁠ later I life and is now represented in both Los Angeles and Orlando markets for commercial acting and modelling. Seeing it as another way to spread the message of self love and personal power in midlife. 

Who knew you could have so much fun blowing bubbles? Susan also provides Large Wand Bubbling Artistry for the entertainment industry as another avenue to raise the vibe. 

She has been on her own journey of self discovery and came out as a lesbian at 50 finally learning to practice self love and discover the freedom to be her authentic self. Susan's two favourite mottos gives us a real glimpse in to her positive fun attitude to life "Make the world your dance floor" and "Carpe F'in Diem."

Subjects covered-

Ditching the dye and embracing her grey hair
Living an authentic life in midlife
Coming out as a "late blooming lesbian" later in life
Unravelling the old narrative
Realising the fear of judgement
Finding a new tribe
The power of a receiving & giving compliment
A new career in modelling and acting
Discovering the fun of bubbles- 'bubble therapy'
I've done the 'supposed to's' but now I'm doing the 'want to's'
Listening to your inner voice
What does Free to be mean to Susan Esco?

"Free to be means to move through life in gratitude, to move through life with positivity and love of self and love of others. Freedom to be authentically me 100% of the time."





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