Ep.12 , Liberte Free to Be with Rebecca Weef Smith, editor of Goldie magazine.

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Welcome back to what will be the final episode of Series 1 and I can't believe how quickly that time has gone. This week I am joined by the inimitable Rebecca Weef Smith who is not only the editor of Goldie magazine but you can add positive psychology fashion researcher, counsellor & coach, stylist, writer, speaker and pro ageing activist to the list. We find out what it's like to set up a printed magazine in your 50's, where her passion and drive comes from, her refreshing approach to ageing and so much more. Rebecca talks openly and honestly and left me feeling inspired and motivated, with lots of food for thought. Favourite music at the moment? Pull Up To The Bumper by Grace Jones. If you've not seen the short video yet of Grace strutting down the catwalk recently for Tommy Hilfiger then it's a must. What a woman! https://youtu.be/oWYI5h-lutM


An inspiring book- I'm currently reading Ashton Applewhite's books. Ashton is a writer and activist, tackling ageism in society. This Chair Rocks would be a great one of hers to start off with.

Who inspires you? My mother she's always been an incredible woman. She has dementia now and it's taken me that long to appreciate her.

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To keep up to date with everything Rebecca & Goldie magazine is up to you can follow on Instagram @goldie_magazine, Twitter @goldiemediauk and Facebook @Goldiemedia Please get in touch with any comments.

Background music credited to Scott Holmes - Our Big Adventure.

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