Ep.106 Liberte Free to Be

Are you a "Reinvention Rebel"?

with a pro-age influencer,

speaker and podcast host

Wendy Battles.











This weeks guest is someone I have followed on Twitter for a while now, we have a very similar approach to midlife and both love sharing and inspiring other women. 

Wendy Battles is a pro-age influencer, speaker and host of the "Rebellious Rebels" podcast which is all about sharing women's stories of reinvention later in life and on paper I would guess you'd say she's one of my podcast competitors.  

Wendy describes herself as a "curious soul who loves to talk to people and understand their experiences". Believing that reinvention is a natural part of life, something that many of us have done numerous times. Wendy has found her voice in her fifties and she is unapologetically  pursuing her biggest dreams and desires. 

"I created this podcast because I’m DONE with the limiting narrative about older women in our society. The narrative that’s focused on all things we lose as we age. I see it differently. I see this as an amazing time where wise women can find their true voice and step into a new sense of freedom – in an exciting and badass way" #wendybattles 

Subjects covered- 

  • Where the inspiration came from to start the podcast
  • How society portrays older women in general 
  • How we can shift the narrative and celebrate older women 
  • Breaking down stereo typical barriers 
  • What does pro-ageing mean for Women 
  • Finding your voice and owning your story 
  • Collaborating with your competitors 

To find out more about Wendy's work visit ReinventionRebels.com 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReinventionRebels/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rebelsreinvent 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reinventionrebels/ 

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