Breaking Cultural Silence on Menopause, Education and Identity

with Freda Shafi


Step into a world where art meets activism as we chat with Freda Shafi, the extraordinary British South Asian artist, food writer, vlogger, and newly published author of 'Suitorland'.

She shares her journey of personal evolution, standing tall against the winds of challenge and societal norms. Her novel pulls back the curtain on the lives of South Asian women growing up in West Yorkshire during the 70s, weaving a rich tapestry of community, culture, and the enduring influence of patriarchal systems. Freda's honesty and vulnerability shine as we discuss the mixed emotions that accompany creative expression and advocacy, showcasing the resilience embedded in giving voice to those often silenced.

Navigating the tides of change, we delve into the pressing topic of menopause awareness, spotlighting the complexities faced by women in different communities. Freda opens up about her own path to understanding this pivotal phase and the responsibility she now feels to illuminate this often-misunderstood experience. We dissect the critical role oestrogen plays in women's well-being and the empowering act of making informed choices regarding menopause treatment. The conversation extends to the significance of representation, celebrating the voices of ethnic minority clinicians who bring diversity and strength to the narrative of women's health.
If you don’t already follow Freda on instagram then I recommend you start now @fredashafi_spiceitup, her passion for food is a visual treat and leaves you wanting to recreate her recipes as she inspires us to cook from scratch and eat a healthy balanced diet. A delightful fusion of food, art, and sensory experiences emerges as we explore how my fine art background intertwines with a passion for culinary creation.
We round off by embracing the audacity to live authentically, and the courage to transcend boundaries. Join us for this enriching journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and the pursuit of unshackled freedom. Freda's candid conversation offers an inspirational look at how questioning the world around us can lead to profound strength and representation for those often left unheard.
Freda leaves us with an uplifting, inspirational message:
“To be free is to be ourselves without constraints.”
(0:00:02) - Empowering Women Through Art and Activism
British South Asian author Freda Shafi discusses her novel 'Suitorland' and its reflection on women's issues, community building through food, and the vulnerability of activism.
(0:17:18) - Empowering Women Through Menopause Awareness
Educating about menopause, importance of oestrogen, informed decision-making, role models, and amplifying minority voices.
(0:26:16) - Menopause, Food, and Future Endeavours
Self-advocacy in perimenopause, using HRT, informed choice, and the connection between food, art, and sensory experiences.
(0:42:23) - Embracing Freedom Through Liberté
True freedom comes from challenging limitations, owning thoughts, and being authentic. Freda's message: be yourself without constraints.
 About Freda Shafi
Graduating with two degrees in Fine art, Freda Shafi has had a successful career in the creative sector, from being a lecturer, creative producer and for over twenty-five years she has worked with underrepresented and disenfranchised communities, helping to engage and raise their voices in mainstream cultural venues from theatre, opera north and art galleries. She still works with women from ethnic minority communities, because, as Freda says, "I feel I can meaningfully support them, as they still face some of the barriers and glass ceilings, that my own generation broke through." In addition to being a published author, Freda is a writer and food columnist for Yorkshire Business Woman and several other publications. Freda has a second book deal and another offshoot to the novel - it's been optioned for TV! So please stay tuned.

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