Ep.80 Liberte Free to Be, 

 with Rebecca McCann,

founder of Pro Blo Group.



Whilst the majority of the women on the Liberte Free to Be podcast are over 40, sometimes I come across a woman’s story who might be slightly younger but have an inspiring and motivating story to tell that we can all learn from. Rebecca McCann is a self-taught, self-made entrepreneur. Rebecca launched Pro Blo Group in November 2014, initially operating from her mum's kitchen with a plan to sell her hair tool on Ebay however Ebay never happened. 

Rebecca launched her brand into Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales, Sainsburys and stores across the globe. The brand is loved worldwide and boasts an organic cult following across social media. With distribution in UK, USA UAE and Russia. Rebecca continues to expand her business at a rapid growth.

Lockdown brought a new project, that quickly developed into SLEEP London and Rebecca is following a similar strategy to grow the brand globally. 
I just love Rebecca belief in her mantra: Say YES and make it happen! So many women are starting new businesses later and I just know that Rebecca’s can inspire those sitting on the fence with their own business idea to get started. It’s never too late! 

Subjects covered- 
Developing entrepreneurial skills early in life  
From having an idea to creating a business 
Saying YES to life and staying open to new opportunities   
Accepting that you will make mistakes along the way 
Dealing with fast growth 
Networking and being ok to ask for help  
Owning your brand and staying true to yourself
Motivation and positive mindset 
Ambitious future plans 

To find out more about ProBlo- www.problogroup.com 
Instagram @problogroup 
Instagram @rebecca_pbg

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I'll be back next week but in the meantime .....
Keeping being fabulous
Rachel x
(Music credited to Scott Holmes- By Big Adventure)

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