Ep.88 Liberte Free to Be,

2021 review with Rachel Peru.







Going solo for the Liberte Free to Be 2021 review.
I’m so grateful to all my guests that have generously shared their stories on the podcast this year. All 26 women brought a different story to the show and offered inspiration, some midlife food for thought and have kept me feeling motivated during this difficult year.
Reflecting on the year I wanted to share some of those conversations that have stayed with me throughout the year.
·      Ep.62 Queen of podcasting with Anna Parker Naples
Don’t wait for something to be ‘perfect’ before you get started. Take those first steps today and learn as you grow.
Stop worrying about what other people might think.
·      Ep.70 What’s Your Why with Amy Rowlinson
Once you find your why everything else will start to fall in to place.
Do you have a strong network around you? The importance of networking, mentors and coaches. It’s ok to ask for help.
·      Ep. 64 with Olympian, Life Coach, Mentor and trainer Michelle Griffith Robinson
Trying new activities to find what brings you joy?
What do you really want out of life?
·      Ep.67 What if I don’t know what my passion is? With Margaret Shenken
Finding what brings you joy through being active.
Using exercise as a happiness and confidence pill.
·      Ep.78 Look Fabulous Forever with Tricia Cusden
Tricia started a new business at 65 and just proves it’s never too late to start something new.
Take those first steps today because you never know where it may lead to.
·      Ep.74 What’s Your Story with Jo Swann, Chocolate PR.
We all have a story to tell, what’s yours?
The power of sharing your story and the ripple effect it can create.
·      Ep.68 Let’s talk about money with successful businesswoman Lisa Johnson
Breaking down the stigma around woman and their money conversations
Celebrating successful businesswomen and the importance of financially successful female role models
·      Ep. 76 Why representation matters with Eleanor Mills
Why it matters that the media and advertising represent women in midlife in a positive and true way
Creating the Noon community to help champion and celebrate women in midlife.
·      Ep. 65 Body Confidence with Astrid Longhurst
Changing the narrative and how we talk about our bodies.
Celebrating and learning to embrace our bodies.
·      Ep.87 Body Confidence and Boudoir with Jane Earnshaw, Chique studios.
Why boudoir shoots are good for your confidence and can be a really liberating experience.
·      Ep. 84 Living life to the full, with Julie Kelly
Embrace every day and don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone.
I am dedicating this last show to a wonderful inspiring friend of Liberte Free to Be Mandy Taylor who sadly lost her battle with cancer recently. We first met back in 2018 and was interviewed for the podcast, giving an open and honest account of her journey with cancer and how it changed her attitude to life, little did she know it would return earlier this year.

Mandy was the most generous, kind, funny, smart and open hearted woman and always left you feeling like you want to be a better person.
Mandy’s life changing campaign #bemoremandy was inspired by her previous fund raising and she partnered with One Community Foundation to help under privileged children. She wanted young people to be able to make memories that they wouldn’t have the chance of without funding.
The idea of the campaign is to inspire people to do something for their community and to pass it on by nominating someone else to take part. The #bemoremandy campaign has launched on social media and they really want people to post photographs or ideally a video saying what they’re going to do and why.
I’ve already got my thinking cap on for what I can challenge myself to do for this fantastic cause.
To read more about Mandy’s fund and to donate please visit –
I’ll be back in the new year… but in the meantime
Keep being fabulous x

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