What makes a Glorious Broad with founder Maryjane Fahey


I love being part of the midlife community but what about the women over 60 and 70+ who are paving the way forward for us. I want to hear more positive stories of life post menopause.

That’s why I’m a huge fan of the⁠ Glorious Broads⁠ platform and couldn’t wait to hear more from the founder and creative content director, ⁠Maryjane Fahey⁠ who is on a mission to celebrate the undimmed spirit of older women. Listen in as Maryjane sheds light on what makes a Glorious Broad?

Find out how these women are reshaping societal views and offering invaluable mentorship to younger generations. They’ve certainly made a big impact on social media with 117k followers on ⁠TikTok⁠ and 242k on ⁠Instagram⁠, where their vibrant tales of living fearlessly and with purpose resonate profoundly with audiences. 

 Maryjane shares how these women speak with refreshing candour on topics society often shies away from—sex, libido, menopause—and how they're changing the game by laughing in the face of the taboos and invisibility that come with age.

You can read the ground breaking Cosmopolitan article here-⁠https://www.cosmopolitan.com/interactive/a45893760/sex-after-60/⁠

 These trailblazing women demonstrate that age is no barrier to living with gusto and that life only grows richer with each new chapter. Listening to MaryJane’s enthusiasm for new projects, including an exciting television programme, creating a bold and exciting life in her 70’s is inspiring and I look forward to seeing her platform grow to reach more women around the globe.

 This episode left me wanting to be just like these Glorious Broads as I age. They are helping is all see the joy of aging, spotlighting the power of positive role models who embody the beauty and wisdom that come with life's experiences. 

 “Every year lived is a badge of honour, and these Glorious Broads are leading the parade.” #maryjanefahey

To read more fabulous stories visit- ⁠⁠ Glorious Broads⁠⁠


(04:02 - 04:59) Inspiring Community of Unconventional Women (57 Seconds)

(08:20 - 09:39) Embracing Strength in Aging Women (80 Seconds) 

(15:45 - 16:13) Openness About Sex - lifting the stigma of talking about sex after 60 (28 Seconds) 

(22:40 - 23:47) Views on Aging and Longevity (68 Seconds)

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