Ep.58 Liberte Free to Be, 

with model, fashion event organiser and style and confidence coach

Bernadette Gledhill

About this podcast

Bernadette Gledhill has become a well known name in the Yorkshire fashion industry and after hearing her name mentioned in many conversations over the years I knew I had to meet her.

If you've ever visited the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate and enjoyed the fabulous fashion shows then it's time to hear about the woman behind them. Bernadette started modelling at the age of 14 and has carved a successful career in the fashion industry ever since. Not only through the modelling but her passion for helping others through her style and confidence coaching and the many runway events she's created.

There are not many people who survive such a long career in the industry but Bernadette has moved with ease in to all aspects of the fashion world which has kept her there for over forty years.

Subjects covered-

  • Entering the model industry at a young age 
  • Why the catwalk is her special place 
  • Why she is so passionate about supporting. younger models through her style and confidence coaching 
  • Dealing with rejection
  •  Taking the leap of faith and starting to organise large scale fashion events 
  • Behind the scenes of the Yorkshire Show fashion shows 
  • The impact that social media places on young girls  
  • Diversity in the fashion industry 
  • Narrowing the gap of the North South fashion divide 

You can find out more here- www.bernadettegledhill.com 
You can also follow Bernadette on Instagram and Twitter

Background music credited to Scott Holmes - Our Big Adventure.

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