Menopause for men: Breaking Down the Myths with

Author and menopause expert Niki Woods

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When menopause enters the conversation, it's often spoken about in whispers or left unspoken altogether, especially when it comes to opening the conversation with the men in our lives. 

Niki Woods⁠ is a peri/menopause educator and coach of midlife professional women and is bringing a refreshing candour to the topic as she discusses her book, ⁠"A Man's Guide to Menopause,". ⁠

As a menopause expert , coach and author, Niki's unique perspective on why men should be looped into these discussions—in both personal and professional spheres—could be a game-changer for relationships and workplace dynamics. 

Her approach not only offers a lifeline to couples navigating this life phase but also opens up a dialogue that can transform how men support their partners and colleagues. Imagine a workplace where menopause isn't a taboo but a topic of discussion that leads to mutual understanding and support.

This weeks episode takes you behind the scenes of men-only workshops designed to foster this change. Here, in these pockets of open dialogue, men unravel their concerns, learn how to become allies, and confront the broader issues of gendered ageism. Niki breaks down the barriers to communication, urging a rethinking of how we see ageing, particularly for women, and positioning empathy as a cornerstone of professional and personal growth. 

Niki shared some great advice for women interested in the holistic approach to health during menopause. From the subtle power of nutrition and exercise to the complexities of accessing hormonal treatments and the undercurrents of feminism that influence perceptions of women's health, our discussion casts a wide net.

With Niki's book as a catalyst, we're championing the message that a deeper comprehension of menopause is more than a women's issue—it's a societal imperative that benefits us all. 

Key Points

01:33 - 02:54) Empowering Midlife Women in Work (80 Seconds) 

(11:09 - 12:38) Men-Only Sessions for Better Learning (89 Seconds) 

(22:35 - 23:27) Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy (51 Seconds) 

(31:41 - 32:42) Managing Stress Through Enjoyable Exercise (61 Seconds) 

(35:55 - 36:40) Championing Women and Menopause Support (45 Seconds)

Find out more about ⁠Niki Woods⁠

Niki is a former HR Manager turned peri/menopause educator and coach of midlife professional women.

A regular guest speaker for the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development), and works with businesses to improve menopause awareness, education, and support for employers, managers, and colleagues.

Niki also coaches individual clients to improve their lifestyle, health, mindset, and confidence during perimenopause and beyond with an integrated approach covering fitness, nutrition, mindset, and habits-based coaching.

A member of the British Menopause Society and International Menopause Society, she has featured several times in local media & podcasts educating on menopause and health, and runs a 1500-member free Facebook group dedicated to supporting women in midlife.

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