Ep.78 Liberte Free to Be, 

 with the founder of

Look Fabulous Forever make-up brand Tricia Cusden



 I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing twice now and I still get excited and inspired by her story.
Tricia Cusden is the founder of Look Fabulous Forever, an award-winning makeup and skincare brand with a range of products specially formulated for older skin. The brand is proudly pro-age - it's Tricia's belief that age is no barrier to looking and feeling fabulous. She founded the business at the age of 65 having become disillusioned with buying makeup that no longer worked on her older skin and by the anti-ageing language of the beauty industry.
In 2013, she took a leap of faith and launched LFF as a face to face social selling business. Thanks to two YouTube videos she posted showing the products being used on older women, she soon changed direction and became an ecommerce brand. She now has over 100 tutorials on YouTube with over 7 million views between them and in 2018, she wrote a book, Living the Life More Fabulous - a guide to beauty, style and empowerment for older women. She also works with her two daughters, Anna who is the managing director and Suzy who is LFF's operations director.
Subjects covered-
·      Ditching retirement life
·      Ageist society
·      Inspiration behind Look Fabulous Forever
·      The power of make up
·      Building a community
·      The highs and lows of starting a business
·      A trip to the Oscars
·      Ageism in the beauty industry
·      Pro-ageing
·      Life in lockdown and Tricia’s Super Troopers
·      Make up tips for ageing skin
To find out more please visit- www.lookfabulousforever.com
Facebook - lookfabulousforeveruk
Instagram - @lookfabforever
Twitter - @lookfabforever
YouTube - Tricia Cusden
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I'll be back next week but in the meantime .....
Keeping being fabulous
Rachel x
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