February 5, 2024

Movement for Longevity by Sarah Clough

Movement for Longevity by Sarah Clough

Movement for Longevity by Sarah Clough

Meet The Woman Determined to Help us All to Live Longer, Better: Sarah Clough


My name is Sarah Clough and I’m a Pilates teacher and The Movement For Longevity Coach… 

My life now is a far cry from my 20’s (spent living in Japan, travelling, and setting up a fashion business), my 30s (spent living and working in Zambia, and setting up an NGO), my 40s (setting up another fashion business and becoming a mother)...

… and then hitting rock bottom.

Life had been the proverbial roller coaster and as I approached my 50s I knew things had to change.

I was worn out, disengaged with life and struggling with aches and pains. Countless appointments with doctors, lots of medications, scans, seeking out different treatments, were not getting me anywhere. One Doctor actually told me it was only to be expected as I got older.

At this point all I could think was “Really? Is this it?”

But fate has a funny way of working and thankfully at this time we went on a holiday that was to change my life. 

How a random conversation with a stranger sparked the first steps to becoming the Movement Longevity Coach.

 Telling her I had a dream to become a Pilates teacher (something I’d never dared voice to anyone else for fear of being laughed at) was my catalyst.

That was all it took to realise the only thing holding me back was not my age or ability, but my mindset…

Fast forward and at 50 I retrained and opened up a Pilates Studio at home. When I outgrew that I opened up a bigger one.

Embracing Life Changes

At 57 life changed for us all (2020 - we all remember that!). I closed down my brick and mortar business and had to learn a new way of working which embraced technology and teaching live classes online. (Who says we are too old to learn new things?).

At 59 I became a movement and longevity coach and launched an online programme for women struggling with lower back pain. For women who want to get back to being active once again, only this time feeling stronger, more resilient and with more energy than ever.

My life after 60

And at 60 I can honestly tell you that I am stronger, have more energy and a greater passion for life than ever. Getting older and getting old are two very different things.

I tell you this because I want to inspire you to take action. I don’t want you to accept anything less than you deserve.

My mission in life is to help as many women as possible achieve healthy longevity .

However ‘healthy longevity’ has become a bit of a buzz phrase - often discussed in relation to tech billionaires, like Bryan Johnson, who captured headlines with his extensive biohacking regimen. 

Johnson’s entire day is structured and involves 100 different protocols. From getting up at 4.30am to complete his 2 and half hour long morning routine which includes taking dozens of pills and supplements, doing 35 carefully planned exercises and eating exactly 1977 calories every single day. 

The Alternative

On the other side of the spectrum is a world of wellness which is well within the reach of all of us. Simple, enjoyable, and cost-effective practices that can easily be incorporated into our daily lives that significantly impact our wellbeing.

Fortune Well’ recently reported the results of The Rejuvenation Olympics - an online competition that tracks and ranks about 4000 participants in terms of their biological ageing. 

“Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves”

  • At No 2 in the Rejuvenation Olympics is a 55 year old single mother from Phoenix, Julie Gibson Clark, who eats a plant based diet, exercises, and meditates. Her biggest health expenditures are a $27-a-month gym membership and a $79-a-month supplement subscription. 
  • No. 5 on the list is 63 year old Amy Hardison, who says it’s about eating healthily, keeping moving, and staying connected to others to combat the health risks of loneliness. 
  • No. 6 on the list is 46 year old Byran Johnson, who spends approximately $2 million a year on his biohacking regime. 

Be A Part Of A Quiet Revolution:Movement for Longevity

There is a quiet revolution going on. Ordinary women like you and me who are not buying into an outdated view of women as we get older.

  • Women who are challenging the status quo and inspiring younger generations to do the same.
  • Women who know that challenging themselves physically and intellectually is necessary to reduce the risks of age-related diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia…
  • Women who believe that we can slow down or even reverse the ageing process and in so doing thrive.
  • Women who are fulfilling their dreams.

The thing that sets these women apart is that they understand they cannot outsource their health. They understand that looking after themselves is not selfish but an absolute necessity.

Now is the time with Sarah Clough the Movement for longevity Coach

Movement for Longevity: My top tips for living the life you want to live

  1. Factor 'moments of joy’ into every day . Maybe a freshly brewed cup of coffee, chatting to a friend, doing a meditation, picking some flowers, lighting a candle, reading a book…
  2. Take a brisk walk (in the morning if possible)
  3. Do breathwork daily such as ‘Box Breathing’. (Inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4)
  4.  Practise ‘Time Restricted Eating’ (fasting overnight for 12 hours)
  5. Do 20 squats every single day. (If you’re not sure how to do them correctly check out my YouTube video: Perfect Your Squats)
  6. Share your dreams … and they are more likely to become a reality.

Your daily habits are like the pixels in a photograph. On their own they seem small and insignificant. See them all together and you have a picture bursting with colour and life.

What does this all add up to? 

Living longer and better is not rocket science. All it takes is a bit of focus and commitment.

Understand the key components and do them every day and not only will you be healthier but you’ll be happier too. 

To get more tips, advice and support follow me on Instagram | Facebook | YouTube or visit www.sarahclough.co.uk and join the tribe of women re-defining getting older!

October 21, 2023

The Power of Connection: Find Your Midlife Magic

Find Your Midlife Magic


We recently had the privilege of hosting the "Find Your Midlife Magic” event, where over 100 women from across Yorkshire gathered at the beautiful Goldsborough Hall near Knaresborough. The day was a celebration, a frank discussion, and a whole lot of fun.

In a world where youth often take the spotlight, there’s a quiet revolution happening. It’s a movement of incredible women who are coming together to navigate the unique challenges they face in midlife and beyond. That’s why I love the instagram community which feels like being part of an army of strong and interesting women cheering one another on. But you can't beat one to one connections and live events.

Find Your Midlife Magic

A room full of women sharing their experiences, their wisdom, and their stories, shining a light on the 45-plus generation and how growing older impacts women. But it wasn’t just about personal growth; it was also about giving back. The event managed to raise an incredible £1,420 for the Little Princess Trust, an organization that provides real hair wigs for children who’ve lost their hair due to health conditions, such as cancer treatment.

Speakers tackled a wide range of topics, from society’s expectations of older women to mental and physical well-being, style, hair, and fashion. The diversity of discussions reflected the rich tapestry of experiences and challenges faced by midlife women.

The idea behind  “Find Your Midlife Magic” came from a place of friendship. Annie Stirk, Bernadette Gledhill, Christine Talbot, and myself  had often worked together over the years and were all experiencing the unique challenges of midlife, which we often shared over a coffee.. Annie and I had first met when we organised our Silver & Sassy event, another inspiring day dedicated to celebrating women with grey, white and silver hair. I would always leave feeling better from seeing them and that’s what friendship and women supporting women should be about.

Keeping it real with Gaynor Faye

One of the event’s highlights was when Emmerdale and Fat Friends star Gaynor Faye shared her journey publicly for the first time. She spoke to Christine about her life after the sudden loss of her mother, the acclaimed screen and stage writer Kay Mellor. Gaynor’s determination to continue her mother’s legacy and her directorial debut plans for the stage tour of The Syndicate were truly inspirational.

Gaynor Faye at the Find Your Midlife Magic

Midlife is often referred to as the “sandwich generation”, who find themselves “sandwiched” between the responsibilities of caring for aging parents or elderly relatives on one side and raising or providing support for their own children on the other. Older women, in particular, may be more commonly associated with the sandwich generation due to their roles as caregivers and nurturers. Lots of women could relate to Gaynor Faye’s honest conversation.

The power of sharing stories

Motivational speaker Lisa Clifford wowed the audience with her famous “arrow challenge,” campaigner Manraj Sanghera spoke about her life-changing experience following the loss of her son, and broadcaster and writer Dr. Jane Gilbert answered the audience’s health queries which went down well with the audience.

The event was a platform for sharing stories, challenges, and triumphs.

Find Your Midlife Magic

Midlife Magic Makeovers

Two lucky women, Becky Capstick from York, and Linda Thompson from Wakefield won a makeover competition organised by Fashion journalist Stephanie Smith at the Yorkshire Post, We had over 80 entries and it was so hard to choose, all with a common them of feeling invisible and a little lost later in life. With the help of celebrity stylist Andrew Barton and British Hairdresser of the Year Rob Eaton and the personal styling team at John Lewis in Leeds, they were transformed, gaining a new look and newfound confidence. Their stories were heart-warming, showcasing the power of transformation and self-belief. Seeing Becky and Linda bond together behind the scenes was really special and watching their confidence grow throughout the day was exactly what we’d hoped for.

Find Your Midlife Magic makeover winners Becky Capstick and Linda Thompson

Annie summed up our day beautifully, saying, “We feel we created something very special today. You could feel it in the room. Everything we did today was born out of our own strong friendship, which is something we really value, and it was wonderful to share that with so many lovely, fun, and empathetic women.”

The power of women supporting women

The event was indeed a magical day of friendship, inspiration, and love. It was a reminder that age is just a number, and midlife is not a hurdle but an opportunity to thrive. Find Your Midlife Magic was more than an event; it was a testament to the strength of connection and the importance of supporting one another on this incredible journey of life.

Find Your Midlife Magic was a great reminder that midlife is our time to shine, and together, we can create our own magic.

Come and follow our journey over on instagram @finyourmilifemagic  & Facebook 

Age is just a number, and in midlife, old is indeed bold.

Until the next one,

Keep being fabulous

Rachel x

Photography @Kate Mallender

July 27, 2023

Grey and Divorcing?  You’re in Good Company!

I do

When you walked down the aisle and vowed to “love, honor and cherish” you could not envision the day would come when you would be facing divorce.  (It is noteworthy that we once vowed to “love, honor, and obey” but after centuries of smirks and downright refusal, “cherish” replaced “obey” as the transitive verb of choice.)

Sure, as you said, “I Do,” you knew there would be hardships and hurdles, but you truly believed there was nothing the two of you couldn’t overcome.

Then Life Happened…

Career conflicts, mortgage payments, kids and their countless accouterment, college funds to fill and aging parents to care for, not to mention menopause.  You’re not quite sure when you stopped being you, but you woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize yourself.  Yeah, maybe there was a hint of that hopeful girl in your face, but you had no idea who the rest of it belonged to, including the man you married.

Or, maybe it was your spouse who first lost sight of his wife, as way too many tend to do.  Either way, like it or not, ready or not, here it comes; you have to navigate the daunting landscape of divorce.

Over 50 and facing divorce

If you’re 50 or older and facing divorce, you are not alone.  You’re in good company.  You are in such good company that the company has its own name, “Gray Divorce.”  It’s a reflection of the coveted hair colour we now naturally wear.  The colour we embrace along with our imperfections.  At last, we’re recognizing our “flaw-some-ness.” (Definition: flawed, but nonetheless awesome.)

Divorce Facts…

While the overall divorce rate in the United States is declining, the divorce rate for people over 50 has roughly doubled since 1996, with women now initiating approximately 69% of divorces.

While the overall divorce rate in the United Kingdom has declined in the last 20 years, the cumulative percentage of marriages ending in divorce by their 25th wedding anniversary has increased over time, with women initiating the majority of divorces.

Countless articles spout the “challenges” of grey divorce:  the division of marital assets, the pensions, the 401(k)s, the IRAs.  The potential decline in the quality of life for the wife.

As a divorced baby boomer whose life purpose is to help women (and a few good men) plan for their financial futures by first helping them navigate the daunting landscape of divorce, I’m here to pose some commonsense questions:

  • When has divorce NOT been a challenge, especially for women?
  • When, since 1971 (in the US), have marital assets NOT been divided?  The retirement accounts NOT been split?
  • When have women’s lives NOT been more negatively impacted by divorce than men’s lives?

The underlying message in many of these articles is, “Oh, beware, little lady!  You may not have it so good if you go through with this.” Or, worse, “Do you really have it all that bad?”

YOU Know What Is Best For YOU…

Makes you want to spit a nail, doesn’t it?  Fight the fury, dear friend.

Instead, find a new tribe; a tribe who encourages you to dance your own dance and sing your own song.  While clearly many things have changed for the better for women, there will always be those who think they know best.  When you encounter these clods who still believe YOU don’t know what’s best for YOU, do what I do: The Big Eye Roll.  Granted, I do it so often, that one day I’m afraid I’m going to eye roll myself into another universe, but it’s a risk I gladly take.

My takeaway in this?  If, dear friend, the rate in which people over 50 are divorcing is increasing and women initiate the majority of divorces, then this tells me that women are weighing their options and believe the challenges they must overcome for their fresh start are well worth it!

I’m here to help.

Wishing you peace & plenty!

Your grey girlfriend


by Amy Lawson, MBA, CDFA®, RTTP®, C. Hyp

Instagram @graygirlfriendsguidetodovorce

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July 12, 2023

Believe in Butterflies! (Or: The Evolution of the Self)

I’m not alone in all of this, or am I?

The stories around midlife are becoming more and diverse. I like reading them! I like the information I get, the tips and hacks to help you get through, the comfort of finding out that the ghosts haunting me are quite common and normal for this time in life, this uplifting feeling from hearing or reading about personal success, and most of all the assurance that I’m not alone in all this. Or am I?

I'm very lucky in that I’ve hardly had any age-related physical problems (yet). Some bloating, swollen ankles, sometimes a bit of breathlessness, dryness in certain places and incontinence -I'm familiar with them, but most of them are under control.

Battling the Dementors

However, I'm battling Dementors! I've been struggling with mood swings, dark moods, a feeling of hopelessness. My family is amazing! My husband just gets on with things, leaves me to it and loves me the way I am, sometimes teases me, that I'm always angry anyway (so basically. I'm the Hulk!). My teenage, young adult, sons have been going through hormonal changes themselves, so they sort of know what's going on.

Work Life

My issue is the other big part of my life: WORK! When I'd finished school, my dad told me that I could study anything I liked, but not arts - the one thing that I've always wanted to do! He thought there was no money in arts. So instead, I studied social work, because I felt (and others told me) that I was "good with people". But later, after a couple of jobs, I decided that what I really wanted to do, was to work with children - and so I did.

First in my native Germany with 3 - 6-year-olds, then I had my own children and moved to England. I consider myself very lucky, as I was able to stay at home with my children until they had nearly finished primary school before I had to go back to work to contribute to our income.  I continued where I'd left off: started with childminding from home, then started working in a nursery –  SNAP! The trap closed!

I like being in control.

This job is my personal mirror that has helped me to find out who really am, in a rather harsh way. Midlife has changed me: I'm not as patient as I used to be, neither as tolerant nor empathetic with others. My mood swings caused a lot of inner frustration, anger, and irritation, then frustration with myself for not being able to control those feelings. (Ahhh, CONTROL! I like being in control)

Knowledge is Power

I was becoming aware that all of these were quite common signs of menopause, and on the background that my niece was developing an app supporting women through menopause. I started asking a lot of questions, I've been reading a lot about the various symptoms, picking up tips, tricks, hacks, and exercises to cope with them. I read up on midlife in general, how it changes women and their way of thinking about themselves, researched different personality types and trades to find out mine, and learned more and more about myself.

So, who am I?

First: I'm a true introvert. I’ve always been happy in my own company, having just a few close friends, and enjoying going to clubs and parties, but usually making sure that I could leave whenever I wanted. I remember leaving family gatherings without an explanation, to go for a walk-in solitude, before returning, ready for another dose of social interaction. When I became a mum, I struggled with having to be completely devoted to these little creatures that now depended on me, with my husband at work and no social network, in a foreign country, having nowhere in space or time to escape to.

Facing the hormonal rollercoaster

So why on earth would I go back into childcare? To generate income - it was what I knew! At least these children would go back to their parents at the end of the day, right? Little did I know then, how the experiences from work would still spin round and round in my head at home in my supposed safe place, causing me to snap at my kids thereby generating mum guilt to add to the load. The hormonal rollercoaster made what had once been a hard but enjoyable joy unbearable.

Everything has since felt intensified: the noise of the children, the "feel good" music in the background. the structure and pace of daily routines. some people's voices. the brightness of the lights. I tried my best to block out what wasn't needed, and to concentrate on one child or a small group at a time,  which led to me missing announcements or when colleagues were talking to me. Sometimes, I couldn't even listen to someone who was talking to my face; I would stare at them in concentration. but somehow the words didn't reach my brain. I went for a hearing test, but everything was fine.

Building a mental health toolkit

So, I decided that it must be the mental effects of menopause and started to establish a daily routine: some mild exercise, a walk with the dog in the morning. Practising mindfulness during my dinner breaks, changing my diet (less caffeine, less alcohol, more plant-based food).

I'd write my gratitude journal , after work on the couch (while binge eating sweets, chocolates, and crisps) before falling asleep in front of the television. The things outside the last brackets have become an invaluable help on my journey!

They are some of the tools in my mental health toolbox.

Exploring the medical route

I also tried the medical route. This resulted in one Dr prescribing me anti-depressants over the phone, because I had confirmed to sometimes having "dark thoughts".

I had been asking about a blood test to check my hormone levels, but he just told me "Well, why check them? We already know that your hormone levels are low!". I did pick up the pills, but I never took them. This was not my way of dealing with my problems! The next GP, this time face to face about a year later, had me trying hormone patches, based on what I had told her about the way I was feeling. I stopped using them, because they didn't feel right either (I felt empty, and I started bleeding again, which I'd stopped about two and a half years earlier). However, these experiences were my eye opener!

I am not ill, I don’t need fixing, I’m absolutely fine!

Using my mental health tool kit and the app and following different life coaches and other amazing people on social media. Reading their stories, posts, and lots of empowering quotes, helped established one thing: I am not ill, I don't need fixing, I'm absolutely fine!

I am an introvert and work best on my own; I work best when I'm not being rushed, left to do things at my own pace (slowly but thoroughly); I work with passion when I'm following my own ideas; I am creative, a maker; I'm strong headed, independent, and determined - That's me!

Falling down the comparison trap

That's not bad material for a self-employed power woman, right? So, why am I not?

And now comes the part that I don't really want to write about, because it makes me feel weak, makes me feel like I'm making excuses, makes me feel Inadequate: first, I want financial security! Then, because my job is too fast paced for me, too full of sensual experiences, of changes and things out of my control, too intensely filled with social interaction, I desperately need winding down time. When I'm at work, I use my toolbox to keep my head over water, but it's at home, where I recharge my batteries. That takes time!

Then, I need time to do fun things and be creative. Can you hear my voice go quieter? Because now, my inner life coach is telling me "Well, if you want to get out of this job, you need to do something about it! No pain, no gain!" And I whisper "Yeah, but if I prepare for self-employment, it'll be another thing on my To Do list, another chore! ... and I don't even know which way to go..." and then I shut up, lost, and confused, comparing myself to all these amazing and interesting power women I'm reading about and meeting online; wondering, where I fit in. This is also me!

The chrysalis inside the cocoon!

Who I really am is the chrysalis inside the cocoon!

I am leaving my caterpillar life behind and slowly transforming, in my own time. I'm chaos, inside, not really knowing where I'II be going or what's going on, but not sleeping or standing still. I'm not sure when I’ll hatch, but I'm busy creating, trying new things, meeting new people, and growing ... into a beautiful butterfly!

I believe in Love, Life,

and the Evolution of the Self!

Words by Claudia Stringfellow


Facebook- @claudiastringfellow

June 28, 2023

Where do I go from here, where do I start?

A Blog by Zoe Davis

How do I retake control?

I’ve honestly no idea.  Life has been like a constant rollercoaster ever since I can remember and the one thing I always assumed I could control was my own mind, body & soul.  How wrong was I?

You see life has this way of testing you and it happens in the least expected places at the least expected times. It can knock you for six, throw you to your knees or it can fester deep within you until it rockets out of you in this huge explosion of emotions that you can no longer control.

Sweep it under the carpet

As a child growing up, I learnt the ultimate trick of the trade; how to sweep things under the carpet.  I thought it was brillant.  Don’t want to deal with it? Sweep it under the carpet.  Can I pretend it never happened? Sweep it under that carpet.  Can’t control that, sweep it under the carpet.  Eventually I realised I didn’t have a big enough carpet. No amount of sweeping was going to get all of what happened to me under that little rug, because that’s in fact what it was, a rug.  A rug I so swiftly pulled out from under myself when I decided to do that work on myself.

You see, when you start to work on yourself you start to pull those things out from under that carpet or rug in my case.  You start to unpick all those long hidden things that you pretended weren’t happening, didn’t know how to control, didn’t want to deal with……every ounce of you comes falling out from that carpet till eventually it unravels.  Sometimes unravelling at such a pace your feet don’t touch the ground and overwhelm and darkness is so great you wonder which part to look at next.  Other times it takes a while and then you feel the pieces drop into place.  A journey of healing and finally exploring who you are is a Never Ending Story, cliche I know but true.

You start to realise it is quite easy to lose control of many parts of you to fit into society, work, family, friends and social circles.  It takes courage to step out and breathe.  To admit and to feel the love of who you are.

Who is Zoe?

I am Zoe I am in my early 40’s and it is only now, with many other beautiful humans that I have started to really unpick my life and work on those secret sweeping activities that I had learnt to do from a young age.  A glimpse of my life…

I grew up in what was referred to as a “broken” home.  Parents separated & remarried.  My shoulders carried the secrets and arguments of the past between generations.  My childhood was not all smiles & laughter.  I quickly understood how to be hyper vigilant in many situations, suppress my anxiety, show my anger in all the wrong ways, pretend things hadn’t happen, cover things up….I also understood that the one thing I could control was my body.

 Bullying as a teen in school with severe acne, one of the first to start periods (horrendous ones at that) & braces, all this had pushed me to some dark places, I realised the one thing I could control was my body.  I smoked to suppress the need to eat, I ate barely anything in the day and would only eat my evening meal at the family table to avoid anyone knowing.  I would often pretend I had made a packed lunch for school taking nothing but a packet of crisps at a push.  If I did eat it would be comfort style chocolate, crisps etc.

Burying my head in the sand

As I hit my 20’s I was told by a doctor if I wanted a baby I would need to pile on the weight as at 5ft 6 and 7 and half stone my body was struggling.  I had to change, yet my partner at the time didn’t like it, what if I lost my pert boobs & arse.  Not a look he was in favour of.  I put some weight on and did become pregnant.  Yet pregnancies for me weren’t great.

My first pregnancy saw me pile on the weight.  I hid and swept all my feelings under that already stuffed rug.  I struggled with my weight after and my health as a woman with my periods. 10 years later when I had my second baby I realised I had piled on more weight but couldn’t shift it and during my 2nd pregnancy I had busted my leg so mobility was limited.  I used all these as excuses & buried my head in that ostrich hole in the ground called shame.  I continued to sweep everything under the carpet including me problematic periods and post natal depression and my overwhelming past.  It was a chance encounter with a therapist when my baby was 6 weeks old that ignited that moment when I knew but still fought it for a while, I need to start to unpick and unravel that rug…..that was 7 years ago.

Acceptance of me, just as I am

Since then I’ve learnt a lot about myself, my relationships, boundaries too. I’ve also discovered how to thank and accept my body for what it is, what it can do for me, how it looks & how it feels.  My body no longer has pert boobs or rear end.  I am no longer a size 8 in clothing more like a size 20/22 give or take.  I have a man that appreciates me & my body too.

I am different because I can see how my body has changed & worked with me through teen life, two pregnancies, miscarriages, endometriosis, post natal depression, hysterectomy, car accident, stair accident and much more.  I am 41 and now I appreciate my body and accept it more.  I’m not going to say I love it entirely as we all have moments we wish things were better.  Yet I will say I have a great deal of gratitude for my body, my mind & my soul.  I feel more worthy to walk this earth than I have done for many years.

My rug, the new one is slowly being weaved.  This however hides nothing under it.

This is now my magic rug that will take me where I want to be. Dream the biggest dreams & live life no longer in secret or darkness.

Dream the biggest dreams &

no longer live your life in secret or darkness

Zoe Davis


You can find Zoe on Instagram @madcowlife





October 20, 2022

A Good Night’s Sleep

One of the things I really struggled with during the peri-menopause and at the start of my menopause was a lack of sleep. I went from sleeping happily through the night to suddenly having insomnia, night sweats and an anxious mind. There’s nothing worse than starting the day feeling tired and cranky, and after a while it can really get you down.  It’s no surprise to hear that 1 in 10 women leave the workplace due to menopause symptoms.

I’ve been working on my evening routine, making small lifestyle changes and finding what works for me.

Here’s some of the things I’ve found helpful.

  1. I ditched caffeine and after the first month, I started to notice a difference. I wasn’t craving that sudden coffee rush first thing in the morning.
  2. I’m still working on reducing the time I spend with my phone in the evening, easier said than done if I’m completely honest, but I don’t have it in the bedroom with me anymore.
  3. One new habit I love is 10 minutes of relaxing yoga before I go to bed. It’s not only good for soothing any aches and pains, but I find it helps clear my mind and calms me.
  4. I schedule in 30 minutes of exercise a day, to get some fresh air and be outdoors. If I have to miss one day, I notice a big difference in my mood and how I feel in the evening.
  5. If I do wake up in the middle of the night, I’ve stopped stressing about it because that used to make me even more anxious. I used to lie awake staring at the ceiling which made me feel even more frustrated. Instead, I get out of bed, have a herbal tea, read a book and I drift off again.

All these lifestyle changes can make a difference, but you also need to get your foundations right. When was the last time you changed your mattress and pillows and really assessed the bed you’re sleeping on?

We moved houses last year, so it was a great opportunity to change our mattress. When it comes to finding a brand that provides the perfect comfort and support, I always choose TEMPUR® UK. Their mattresses respond to your body’s shape, weight and warmth, which has really helped my aching hips at night (that’s another thing they don’t tell you about menopause , new aches and pains!)

I suffer with neck pain and often wake up with cramps so I was keen to try the Ergonomic  TEMPUR® pillow, recommended specifically to relieve neck pain, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The unique shape makes it so much easier to fall asleep in comfort and I’m sure my husband Mark is relieved I’m not as restless, tossing and turning, waking him up every night too.

( TEMPUR® are so confident about their pillows they allow you to take a 30-night home trial too).

There’s a reason why this brand is recognised by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation. It’s clever stuff!

I think the most important thing to remember when it comes to our sleeping pattern during this time is to be kind to ourselves. Find the things that work for you, take the time to rest when you need it and make good night’s sleep a priority.

‘Let her sleep for when she wakes she will shake the world”

#napoleon bonaparte

#sponsored attribute.

This post is in conjunction with TEMPUR® but all thoughts are my own.

December 29, 2021

Why I’m saying “NO” to New Year, New You

Let's drop the "New Year, new you" narrative.

I’ve already lost count of how many “join my diet” club invites I’ve had literally since Christmas Day morning along with those “New Year, New You” messages.

How about ...You are enough...just as you are...right now!

After years and years of forcing myself to try every diet going I came to realise that they don’t work for me and my mental well-being.

I need to be happy in my own body and to me that means enjoying my life without the punishing diet mentality. I am healthy, love moving and finding joy in being outdoors and that’s enough for me!

I’m all for growth and people deciding to make changes for themselves but this direct hit straight after Christmas can lead to so many women feeling under pressure to change just because we’re bombarded by adverts telling us we need to. Obviously we all want to be the best version of ourselves , especially as we age but that means something different to every individual. The danger is that post Christmas becomes a weapon for those in the diet industry to prey on those feeling most insecure about their bodies. This can lead to even more negative thoughts about our bodies as we are left feeling inadequate for society standards.

A survey carried out by Second Nature showed that 90% of people give up on their new year diet just 12 days into January, with 83% going on to gain back more weight than they lost, leaving people feeling worse about themselves than when they started.

If you’re struggling with the post Christmas pressure try and focus on the things that keep your head in a good space, protect your boundaries.

Here's a few ideas that might help-

  • Getting outside for a long walk, fresh air and nature always give me a boost
  • Spend time with those friends that always leave you feeling happier
  • Switch off from social media
  • Get lost in a book.
  • Keep a journal
  • Meditation, even just for 10 minutes every morning can really help
  • Focus on the activities that you love
  • Be kind to yourself, we don't have to be self improving every day. It's ok to have a down day and allow it pass.

What works for you?

Just remember “You are enough.. just as you are…right now!” ❤️

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You are enough..just as you are..right now

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