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I love interviewing all these inspiring women and always leave feeling more motivated and with a spring in my step. I am a huge book lover and still get excited going in to a book shop and holding it whilst I read, I'm still struggling to get along with a kindle if I'm honest. It's a time to just get lost in someone else's world and totally switch off for a while so I hope this series book recommendations gives you some inspiration to try a new book and why not leave me a message and let me know what you're reading too?

We are starting Series 2 book list with a triple dose of inspiration. Frances Davies, Helen Butters and Niki Doeg are 3 of the 4 women who alongside Janette Benaddi formed The Yorkshire Rowers. These incredible ladies hold the title for being the first women to row any ocean when they rowed across the North Sea and that was just a warm up. They went on to complete the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge becoming the oldest all female crew to complete the 3000 nautical mile challenge in 2016, aged between 45 and 51 at the time. So when you get inspiring book recommendations from these three women you definitely take note.

Debra Searle- The Journey The life changing book that set the seed for their epic challenge.

Elizabeth Day- How to Fail Seeing failure in a positive light not as a negative.

Michelle Obama - Becoming No explanation needed, a truly inspiring woman.

Tricia Stewart, the driving force behind the alternative WI calendar back in 1999, which went on to become a global phenomenon and to date has raised over £5 million for the Bloodwise charity absolutely loves the The Wrong Boy. by Willy Russell I have to confess I've not read this book so It's been added to this years list.

The list of publications that guest Marina Gask has worked on during her extensive media career as a top journalist is extensive and is now co-founder of the online magazine Audrey. Marina is drawn to Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin and is fascinated by the forming of friendships that then become your family.

Talented fashion designer Debbie Wilkinson started her fashion brand Fruitbats & Screwballs from scratch in her late forties without having any formal fashion background. Debbie first read Watership Down by Richard Adams as a young child and although it traumatised her she still says this is an all time favourite. I have to admit just listening to the films music does it for me.

Louise Proddow is another 50 year old who has a very positive approach to her age and life with her social media platforms @rejuvage full of daily inspiration and she has definitely motivated me to get fitter in my midlife. Louise, like many of us always thought that the 12 steps was always just for alcoholics but reading Russell Brands Recovery re-educated her. She believes everyone has some kind of addiction in their life after reading this.

The go to television expert on consumer and retail, Kate Hardcastle MBE, otherwise known as the customer whisperer suggests anything by Michael Gladwell (Blink The Power of Thinking, Talking to Strangers, David & Goliath). If you have an inquisitive mind and like reading business style books these are delivered in a very practical, informative manner. Kate's also a big fan of audio books which I have only just started to getting to but they're great for people that travel a lot and want to fit a book in with a busy lifestyle.

Sam Sweets passion for nails and her business Sweet Squared is not only infectious but also really inspiring on how her hard work and 100% dedication has paid off. Sam absolutely loved Alexander McQueen so any of his coffee books are a perfect way for her to relax and lose some hours. Savage beauty by Andrew Bolton, Genuis of a Generation, Kristen Knox, anything creative like that.

Rachel Lankester's positive attitude to midlife is wonderful and her attitude to this next chapter in life is inspiring so many other women through her Magnificent Midlife. We talked about her experience of the early menopause, her attitude to midlife, the importance of exercise and finding space to move forwards. So I wasn't surprised with her current recommendation of The Wisdom Of Menopause by Christiane Northrup. Rachel loves it because it aligns with her positive slant on midlife and the menopause.

Sam Bunch, author of Collecting Conversations (100 women sharing there every day thoughts) and newly published Menopause- A Hot Topic, both of which I'm also giving away on my Instagram competition this month @rachelperu.

Sam's a huge reader, usually with 3 or 4 books on the go at one time, describes herself like a sponge wanting to take it all in. Sam was once on train when a man slightly under the influence of alcohol said he was going to give her one bit of information, that was to read this book Anam Cara by John O'Donohue. Sam read it and says it the most fabulous spiritual book and highly recommends it.

Jo-Anne Jewett has a long list of credentials including celebrity make-up artist, author, founder of the Make-Up Training Company, trainer and educator.

Jo recommends everyone should read 'Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway'' by Susan Jeffers and I have to say I totally agree. Its a fantastic book to keep revisiting. Jo told me she was never a big fan of affirmations but after reading this book she is now, she went on to buy a copy for her daughter. (I am excited to giving a free copy of this book away over on my Instagram @rachelperu1 as part of this blog promotion)

Kate Blakemore is the founder of Motherwell Cheshire womens charity which we found out all about, a qualified counsellor, trainer, speaker and radio presenter and at every step of the way works tirelessly to support and encourage women in the community. Although Kate doesn't describe herself as a business women she's certainly had to have a strong mindset to set the charity up and keep it growing from strength to strength so

Reading all of Richard Bransons books has been a huge inspiration.

Kate's also recommends Frank Skinners Autobiography.

If you'd like to enter my instagram book give away to win signed copies of Series 1 guest, Author Imogen Clarks best selling books, Sam Bunch's Collecting Conversations and Menopause - A Hot Topic along with one of my favourites Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffries please visit Instagram @rachelperu1


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