When Rosalind Main and Morgan Mctiernan invited me to join their latest editorial project I jumped at the chance. As I approach 50 next year I would definitely class myself as a pro-ager and want to inspire other women in midlife to embrace there changing bodies and minds I believe mixing with younger people has such an important part to play. I am constantly inspired by younger women on social media and in every day life but also hope that I can share some wisdom and valid view points to inspire them too. Working on this latest art project with the I Am More Than team was a pleasure and thought provoking.

Wings of merit photographer by Joanna Stawnicka for the I Am More Than project

Wings of merit a 'Victorious Statement'. Rosalind created wings, with a twist on the Victoria Secret wings. Wings covered in rosettes to represent achievement. I think women are particularly bad at celebrating our achievements. I have recently been working with a life coach and mentor and that's one of the first things I have worked on, writing list of things I am proud of, which I now have pinned to my noticeboard above my desk as a daily reminder.What are you proud of? Why not write it down, I can recommend it as a great tool for those days self doubt wobble days.

Wings of Ambition, photographed by Joanna Stawnicka for the I Am More Than project.

Wings of ambition. Why do people assume that once you hit over 40 you don't have any dreams or ambitions? I speak to so many women over 40 that are now reinventing themselves and starting new careers and hobbies. It can be a time of life when we say goodbye to our school mum self as our children head off to university or move out and with that comes a new sense of freedom and opens up new possibilities. I have always dared to dream but the difference is now I am making them happen and working hard to achieve the goals I set myself because I have a new found confidence.

Ambition and Speech go hand in hand.  Speech and Ambition go hand in hand.

This is one of my favourite images from the shoot. Intergenerational, we are all different but the same x

Wings covered in the contraceptive pill, Wings covered in sanitary towels, Wings of ambition. A true representation of women in todays society comrade to the fantasy of the Victoria Secret perfection that so many struggle and strive to be.

All images photographed by https://www.joannastawnicka.com/ on behalf of the I Am More Than project https://www.instagram.com/iam_more_than/

Models Rachel Peru https://www.instagram.com/rachelperu1/

Rosalind Main https://www.instagram.com/rosalindmain/?hl=en

Ombola https://www.instagram.com/bolababes95/?hl=en