I have wanted to work with @claireseville on this 'doll in a box' shoot ever since I saw Georgina’s @fullerfigurefullerbust fabulous ‘Carbie’ doll shoot.

Why? Because I want to embrace all the sides of my personality, to keep pushing my body confidence and I also love vintage and 1950’s retro style. I used to run my own vintage business and I miss this creative side to me. I am fifty next year and really want to start owning who I am and exploring all the different sides of myself.

Silver Cindy, Rachel Peru with Claire Seville photography, Rachael Davies MUA/Hair

I’m also tired of seeing so much negativity surrounding older women who choose to express their sexuality. Consider the backlash Helena Christensen came across earlier this year for daring to go out to a party in a lace bustier, at the wonderful age of 50. Former Vogue editor Alexandra Schulman wrote 'I'm sorry Helena Christensen, you ARE too old to wear that".

I'm sorry but Helena is not only beautiful and confident but also a brilliant ambassador for women in midlife who choose to wear what they like to make themselves feel good. Since when did clothes labels also have age labels too?

I find it most upsetting and surprising that such judgement is predominantly from other women. I completely understand those that prefer to cover up and not to express their sensuality in this way but what I don’t get is why women choose to judge other women who feel confident and comfortable in showing it. Why can’t we accept that we are all different and there is no right or wrong way to be or look once we reach 40. For some women wearing red lipstick makes them feel fabulous and gives them a boost of confidence and lifts them.

For others it might be wearing their favourite lingerie even though they know no one else will see it, it's a positive mood enhancer and gives you that extra lift of confidence. What's your definition of sexy, I'd love to know?

Rachel Peru as Silver Cindy, doll in a box wearing Rago shapewear.

But when it comes to women over 40 daring to show a little bit more flesh, a lower cut shirt exposing a tiny bit of cleavage or a shorter length dress to expose great legs it seems to become much more derisive. I struggled to like my body for most of my life until I reached 40 and now I am learning to accept and love it for what it is. I have good and bad days, especially being peri-menopausal and the changes that brings along.

I found this shoot with Claire both empowering and great fun and I left with an extra boost of confidence. I can definitely recommend that any woman try it if it's something they think they might enjoy. So to all those women out there that might find it distasteful to see a woman of my age flaunting their body please keep your judgements to yourself and remember we are all out there in the world trying to get by and find happiness within ourselves in our own way. I hope you find yours.

I used to love playing with my Cindy doll when I was younger and I’m damn sure I would have included an older looking doll in my collection too if they’d be available! ( P.S I’d love to work with more retro lingerie brands in the future!)