I may be quiet...but I have so much on my mind.

I love vintage fashion, the romance behind the clothes, imagining what that persons day to day life was like, where they wore the clothes originally. Before entering the world of modelling I had my own vintage business "All About Eve' and met so many interesting people, selling on line and at vintage fairs. It's where I met my friend Trudy Fielding from My Vintage Beau who also works as a stylist @Trudy Beau stylist, so when we got to shoot together we had so much fun. I've wanted to work with photographer Dan Urben for months so this shoot was a personal favourite.

What's not to love! I finally got to work with Dan Urben, modelled with my friend Trudy Fielding in some amazing locations around Bradford. Oh and throw in some amazing 1970's fashion too.

Bradford has so much character it wasn't hard to find some perfect places to shoot at.

I used to love watching Cagney & Lacey and have the theme tune ringing in my ear when I look at these photos. Who was your favourite character, Tyne Daly (Lacey) or Sharon Gless (Cagney)? Mine was Lacey.

When you walk in to a building the has retained so many original features it's truly like stepping back in time. Look at those floor tiles.

"You drive us wild, we'll drive you crazy" # Kiss

I've worn this black velvet New Look jumpsuit so many times since but it 's never looked as cool as this.

Northern girls out on the town. 'Ladies night' #coolandthegang

Mixing vintage fashion with high street is so easy to do. Jumpsuits from New Look fit in perfectly.

I can't remember the last time I managed an all nighter, but I love the idea of it still, minus the hangover. P.S the coats are vintage fat fur not real.

The morning after. "Waiting for the sun" #thedoors

"One of those crazy old nights" #theeeagles

Thank you Jamie Lee Hodds for our hair & make up.