I was honoured to have the opportunity to write an article and be featured in Issue 7 of the Amber magazine. If you haven't come across this magazine I can highly recommend it. The creator Amber Schormans is a one woman show, creating the magazine from scratch with all her passion and drive. The magazine features creative women from across the globe, celebrating all our differences with a strong sense of realism, none of the images are edited so what you see is a true representation. What a refreshing approach to be part of.

Yorkshire Moors shoot with photographer Laura Carly Adams

Ilkley Moor Baht'at photographed by Mark Peru

"I have walked these moors nearly every week for the last thirty years, it's where I find peace and find a sense of calm whenever life feels tough. It's a place of complete freedom, to roam where ever you choose and to take your own path. I am 50 next year and I have never felt more comfortable in my own skinned with who I am becoming".

Shooting on home turf on the Yorkshire moors with local photographer and friend Laura Carly Adams was really special and the sun shone perfectly for us.

"I would never have been able to model in my twenties and thirties as I struggled with low self-esteem and lack of confidence, this only changed when I hit forty. I wasted so many years missing out on doing things because I was always too self-conscious and scared that now I'm like a child in a toy shop in life."

I love fashion and regularly shop on the high street, the clothes I wore for this shoot were from Asos and Marks & Spencers. Whilst M&S are great at representing women over forty in their marketing it would be nice to see more brands getting on board with this.

Yorkshire moors fashion shoot with photographer Laura Carly Adams Dress from Asos

I love fashion and regularly shop on the high street, the clothes I wore for this shoot were from Asos and Marks and Spencers. Whilst I think M&S are good at representing women over 40 in advertising I do wish other brands would get on board and stop alienating a huge percentage of their shoppers.

Yorkshire Moors shoot Rachel Peru with Laura Carly Adams Dress from Asos, Jumper Mango

"I will continue to make my own path in this career with the same sense of freedom that I have on the moors. Find your own path"

Photography https://www.lauraadamsphotography.co.uk/

Featured in https://www.ambermagazine.co.uk/shop

Blue & Red dresses https://www.asos.com/

Tartan dress https://www.marksandspencer.com/c/women

Red jumper https://shop.mango.com/gb

Brown boots https://www.simplybe.co.uk/