What better way to spend International Women's Day than to spend it with a fabulous group of diverse women from across the world. When I saw the NuNude call out for a women to join them for a live catwalk event in the centre of London I knew I had to be part of it. A real celebration of all our differences but all with so much in common, the need to be seen and heard because representation matters.

No 9 in the catwalk line and ready to go!

This is how we celebrate IWD2019 , party time with Nu-Nude. Video courtesy of Latin TV @ulatintv

When I look at this photo yes I see my bits that wobble and the cellulite but what makes me everything ok is the smile on my face as none of that other stuff really matters. If you'd have asked me to walk around London in my underwear I would have run a mile and now I am confident and happy in my body to really not care what others think. I keep myself fit and healthy, dog walking, jogging, swimming and occasionally going to the gym but I equally don't beat myself up anymore if I don't manage to do any of those things. That's why days like today are so empowering, being around other women who share their body stories and overcome their body issues. All at different stages in their journey but all beautiful for stepping out of their comfort zone.

What a great shot in the Amber magazine. We literally formed a circle in the middle of Oxford Street and stopped traffic! What better way to celebrate IWD2019.