February 5, 2024

Movement for Longevity by Sarah Clough

Movement for Longevity by Sarah Clough

Movement for Longevity by Sarah Clough

Meet The Woman Determined to Help us All to Live Longer, Better: Sarah Clough


My name is Sarah Clough and I’m a Pilates teacher and The Movement For Longevity Coach… 

My life now is a far cry from my 20’s (spent living in Japan, travelling, and setting up a fashion business), my 30s (spent living and working in Zambia, and setting up an NGO), my 40s (setting up another fashion business and becoming a mother)...

… and then hitting rock bottom.

Life had been the proverbial roller coaster and as I approached my 50s I knew things had to change.

I was worn out, disengaged with life and struggling with aches and pains. Countless appointments with doctors, lots of medications, scans, seeking out different treatments, were not getting me anywhere. One Doctor actually told me it was only to be expected as I got older.

At this point all I could think was “Really? Is this it?”

But fate has a funny way of working and thankfully at this time we went on a holiday that was to change my life. 

How a random conversation with a stranger sparked the first steps to becoming the Movement Longevity Coach.

 Telling her I had a dream to become a Pilates teacher (something I’d never dared voice to anyone else for fear of being laughed at) was my catalyst.

That was all it took to realise the only thing holding me back was not my age or ability, but my mindset…

Fast forward and at 50 I retrained and opened up a Pilates Studio at home. When I outgrew that I opened up a bigger one.

Embracing Life Changes

At 57 life changed for us all (2020 - we all remember that!). I closed down my brick and mortar business and had to learn a new way of working which embraced technology and teaching live classes online. (Who says we are too old to learn new things?).

At 59 I became a movement and longevity coach and launched an online programme for women struggling with lower back pain. For women who want to get back to being active once again, only this time feeling stronger, more resilient and with more energy than ever.

My life after 60

And at 60 I can honestly tell you that I am stronger, have more energy and a greater passion for life than ever. Getting older and getting old are two very different things.

I tell you this because I want to inspire you to take action. I don’t want you to accept anything less than you deserve.

My mission in life is to help as many women as possible achieve healthy longevity .

However ‘healthy longevity’ has become a bit of a buzz phrase - often discussed in relation to tech billionaires, like Bryan Johnson, who captured headlines with his extensive biohacking regimen. 

Johnson’s entire day is structured and involves 100 different protocols. From getting up at 4.30am to complete his 2 and half hour long morning routine which includes taking dozens of pills and supplements, doing 35 carefully planned exercises and eating exactly 1977 calories every single day. 

The Alternative

On the other side of the spectrum is a world of wellness which is well within the reach of all of us. Simple, enjoyable, and cost-effective practices that can easily be incorporated into our daily lives that significantly impact our wellbeing.

Fortune Well’ recently reported the results of The Rejuvenation Olympics - an online competition that tracks and ranks about 4000 participants in terms of their biological ageing. 

“Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves”

  • At No 2 in the Rejuvenation Olympics is a 55 year old single mother from Phoenix, Julie Gibson Clark, who eats a plant based diet, exercises, and meditates. Her biggest health expenditures are a $27-a-month gym membership and a $79-a-month supplement subscription. 
  • No. 5 on the list is 63 year old Amy Hardison, who says it’s about eating healthily, keeping moving, and staying connected to others to combat the health risks of loneliness. 
  • No. 6 on the list is 46 year old Byran Johnson, who spends approximately $2 million a year on his biohacking regime. 

Be A Part Of A Quiet Revolution:Movement for Longevity

There is a quiet revolution going on. Ordinary women like you and me who are not buying into an outdated view of women as we get older.

  • Women who are challenging the status quo and inspiring younger generations to do the same.
  • Women who know that challenging themselves physically and intellectually is necessary to reduce the risks of age-related diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia…
  • Women who believe that we can slow down or even reverse the ageing process and in so doing thrive.
  • Women who are fulfilling their dreams.

The thing that sets these women apart is that they understand they cannot outsource their health. They understand that looking after themselves is not selfish but an absolute necessity.

Now is the time with Sarah Clough the Movement for longevity Coach

Movement for Longevity: My top tips for living the life you want to live

  1. Factor 'moments of joy’ into every day . Maybe a freshly brewed cup of coffee, chatting to a friend, doing a meditation, picking some flowers, lighting a candle, reading a book…
  2. Take a brisk walk (in the morning if possible)
  3. Do breathwork daily such as ‘Box Breathing’. (Inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4)
  4.  Practise ‘Time Restricted Eating’ (fasting overnight for 12 hours)
  5. Do 20 squats every single day. (If you’re not sure how to do them correctly check out my YouTube video: Perfect Your Squats)
  6. Share your dreams … and they are more likely to become a reality.

Your daily habits are like the pixels in a photograph. On their own they seem small and insignificant. See them all together and you have a picture bursting with colour and life.

What does this all add up to? 

Living longer and better is not rocket science. All it takes is a bit of focus and commitment.

Understand the key components and do them every day and not only will you be healthier but you’ll be happier too. 

To get more tips, advice and support follow me on Instagram | Facebook | YouTube or visit www.sarahclough.co.uk and join the tribe of women re-defining getting older!

August 10, 2023

How to face our fears and do it anyway.

Liberté Free to Be in conversation with mental health expert, Miranda Arieh.

One of the key subjects that came out of our conversation was the theme of how to face our fears and do it anyway. How can we let go of past thought patterns that so often hold us back in midlife?

I first met ⁠Miranda Arieh⁠ as we both stood nervously outside BBC Radio Leeds before we entered another round of the “New Voices” presenter competition. I managed to make it to the final 5 but they were only taking 2 presenters and it wasn’t meant to be. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the world of radio and presenting ⁠and whilst some may have seen it as a failure, I saw it as a great opportunity and I'm now on my 134th podcast interview so I think it turned out ok. Miranda is now regularly heard on Radio Leeds sharing her work around mental health and I have loved following her ever since.

⁠Miranda Arieh⁠ is an award-winning mental health activist, public speaker and spiritual coach from Leeds, UK. 

Following a lengthy stay in an adolescent psychiatric unit at 14 years old, Miranda learned first-hand how cold the world of mental health treatment can be and set out to learn a better way to alleviate her suffering. She went on course after course, devoured books by spiritual teachers, and decided to dedicate her life to transforming her attitudes, trigger reactions and life-long patterns. Sure enough, she started to recognize that all the triggers she felt were an opportunity for spiritual growth and began to enjoy the process of learning of getting to know herself, befriend herself, hold herself.

After over a decade of finding her feet and securing roles at some of the country's leading mental health charities, including Mind, Community Links and Time to Change, Miranda started to be invited to share her story up and down the country at mental health conferences, awareness-raising events, and on radio and television.

The foundation of all the work that Miranda does has self-compassion at the core as a ‘bridge’ to practising presence and being able to live in the present moment.

Practising presence is the essence of inner peace.

One of the key subjects that came out of our conversation was the theme of how to face our fears and let go of past thought patterns that so often hold us back in midlife.

How Miranda faces her own fears

“I'm living within a theme in my life at the moment of feeling the fear and doing it anyway, and I'm living within this theme in my life of acknowledging that courage is not the absence of fear. So, I could feel scared every day, but I do it anyway. It's this acknowledgement of acting, taking the steps towards what I want to do and what I want my life to look like and how I want to be and show up in this world.

 Regardless of how scared I feel. For so long in my life, I lived with this so called protector in me,  holding me back from doing what I really want. It created the illusion that I was safe in my comfort zone,  that the comfort zone is very overrated.

 We need to step out of that if we really want to expand in this world.

 And it's not until I've hit my 40s and now, I seek out opportunities, even though it scares the hell out of me sometimes, but the rewards if you've done it are definitely worth. Facing my fears and doing it anyway.

Here are some of Miranda’s tips on learning how to face our fears and do it anyway, with self-compassion.

In the complicated tapestry of life, there’s a recurring theme that we all encounter: the dance between fear and action. In this midlife transformative phase, marked by wisdom and experience, we find ourselves at a crossroads — the crossroads of feeling the fear and doing it anyway.(If you haven’t read the back by Susan Jeffers, I definitely recommend it)

Miranda reminds us that courage, as we often hear, is not the absence of fear; it’s the audacity to proceed in the face of it. Miranda eloquently unravels the essence of this mantra. With her insights, we explored how midlife becomes a canvas for untamed aspirations and boundless potential, fuelled by facing our fears head-on and embracing new opportunities.

Acknowledge the Fear, Take the Leap

As we embrace our 40s and beyond, a realization dawns upon us — the comfort zone acts as a cocoon, and the real magic unfolds beyond its cosy confines. The tapestry of life becomes richer when we dare to unravel the threads of fear that once held us captive. Miranda reminds us that every aspiration, every dream, every longing resides on the other side of fear.

The Courageous Act of Letting Go

Midlife unfurls not just as a quest for new knowledge, but as an awakening of self-discovery through letting go. It’s a time to peel back layers, an endeavour to become the best version of ourselves. Miranda encourages us to shed the remnants of past conditioning, to embrace the unravelling, to rediscover the essence that resides within.

“I love the word unravelling because it is almost about peeling back the layers of everything we're not. To be our best version of ourselves, you know, we hear this terminology, ‘be the best version of you’, we don't have to become anything new, we don’t have to acquire anything new, we have to let go of everything that we're not.”

Many women in midlife years will suddenly start going, Okay, I'm full enough. I'm full. What do I want to let go off? What do I want to release? How do I want to unravel?  It's this delayering, the peeling and shedding layers of conditioning and these protection mechanisms built to protect us. Like I said at the beginning, they don't really protect us at all. Part of that is embracing and stepping out of the comfort zone.’’

 Navigating Relationships 

As we evolve, so do our relationships. Midlife beckons us to grow together or to part ways with those whose frequencies no longer resonate with our journey. Miranda highlights that reactions from others often mirror their own inner struggles.

“One of the common things that people say in my coaching is “I suddenly don't want to hang around my friends anymore, I suddenly don't want to be around the same people anymore as I used to’’, because they're shifting so much that they might not be aligned anymore.

I guess when it comes to other people's reactions, some people can have odd reactions, because they might feel bad about themselves. One of the first things is to recognise that it's not personal, that if somebody's having a bad reaction to you, they might be fearing that they're going to lose you because they see you growing and expanding. We don't have to take it personally to recognise that the other person might be in suffering on some level themselves.”


Boundaries are very important, and it is something that's kind of bashed about a lot on social media, like a buzz phrase, isn't it? I would always say that to put ourselves first or to hold self-compassionate practice is not selfish at all. Because the kinder that we are to ourselves, the more nourishing we are in that relationship to ourselves.”

The Power of Self-Compassion

Miranda extends a gentle invitation to embark on a journey of self-compassion. It starts with acknowledging the conversation we hold within, the self-talk that either uplifts or diminishes us. “All we need to do with this practice is become very, very aware of what we're saying to ourselves in our heads, we all have a voice in our heads that can either be tearing down, or building us up"

Through this awareness, we can start to transform, letting the light shine through the crevices of self-doubt. Self-compassion is far from selfish, it's a tool to empower ourselves.

 ‘’There's nothing selfish about self-compassionate practice, there's nothing selfish about putting yourself first.’’

Rediscovering the Self

’Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, we often forget to ask ourselves simple yet profound questions: What do I truly like? Which clothes do I like to wear? Who do I want to be? Where do I want to go with my life?

I know that’s what I found when I went through divorce at 40, I had to spend time reconnecting with myself and really thinking about some of those seemingly basic questions.

Midlife invites us to reconnect with our passions, to find solace in our own company, and to venture into the realm of possibilities. Through the magic of rediscovery, we embrace the limitless potential that beckons us, echoing Persian poet Rumi’s poignant reminder that ‘what we seek is also seeking us.’

Embracing Fear as a Gateway to Triumph

Miranda’s own life experiences resonate deeply with those moments when we stand on the precipice of our dreams, hearts racing, palms sweaty, yet resolute in our determination to forge ahead. She shares her experience of diving into her long-cherished dream of hosting a radio show on Radio Leeds, which came to fruition during Mental Health awareness week this year. ‘Sometimes it's when we're getting our biggest dreams, we expect them to feel good in the body. Right? Great, which it does now, of course, but it felt so frightening. Even though of course, I was excited, I was elated, but I also felt so terrified. But I did it anyway. ‘

Amidst the swirl of nerves and exhilaration, she surrenders to the fear, recognising that fear need not be banished, but rather, embraced as a companion on the journey. The result? Triumph, elation, and a powerful revelation that we are indeed capable of achieving our dreams, even in the face of fear. I still remember that feeling when I took my first tandem skydive and faced my fear of heights. I was terrified as we sat on the edge of the plane ready to jump, but that feeling of pure elation and pride afterwards was so worth it, if only we could bottle it.

I’ve spoken to so many women who were afraid to take certain steps, because they're terrified of the beating they're going to give themselves if they fail.’

You tried, you did your best and that will always be good enough

‘If we know that if we fall over, we've got a self within us that's going to go "you tried, you did your best". If we can rely on that relationship within ourselves. When we can trust ourselves enough to know that we've got our own backs, we are a lot more able to try new things.’

In the mosaic of midlife, we find ourselves stepping into a realm where fear is no longer an obstacle but can become a guide. Miranda reminds us that the power to feel the fear and do it anyway resides within us all. As we navigate the uncharted waters of this transformative phase, let us remember that every step taken in the presence of fear is a step closer to the extraordinary life that awaits on the other side.

So, embrace the fear.

Say yes to new opportunities.

Let your midlife journey be a testament to the indomitable spirit within.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Listen to the full podcast episode:



When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and faced your fears?

We'd love to hear about it - leave a comment below.

Keep being fabulous

Rachel x

August 3, 2023

The Autistic Joyologist – You Are Limitless

By Nikki Butler, The Autistic Joyologist.  

An autism and ADHD diagnosis at 45 and major spinal surgery 12 months ago that resulted in permanent nerve damage, has led me to rethink and realign my life and launch The Autistic Joyologist.

I had a complete career change at 40, after what I now know was an autistic and ADHD burnout at 36, causing me to leave my legal management career behind. I entered the world of entrepreneurship at 37 and have been running a multi-award winning business for the last 7.5 years. An autism and ADHD diagnosis at 45 and major spinal surgery 12 months ago that resulted in permanent nerve damage, has led me to rethink and realign my life and launch The Autistic Joyologist.

The beauty of doing this in my 40’s, and with my autism and ADHD diagnosis, is having the confidence and clarity to be able to create a life that is fulfilling and successful on MY terms.

When life simultaneously makes sense and falls apart -

Being diagnosed as autistic ADHD in my mid 40’s was life changing. On the one hand, my entire life started to make sense. On the other hand, it was like someone had thrown a grenade into the middle of my life, leaving me bewildered and shaken. Realising that my life was not exactly supporting my neurodivergent self - I was like a rabbit in the headlights.

As I processed my diagnosis I rode a rollercoaster of emotions. I felt angry, sad, confused and resentful that nobody had noticed sooner. But, I also felt immense self compassion, pride and hope. The latter won, I am pleased to say!

My spinal surgery, whilst removing the risk of paralysis I’d been faced with, left me with permanent nerve damage. Living in chronic pain and running a skin and scar clinic were not a match made in heaven, and I was only able to return to work part time.

The gift of space and grace -

I’ve always felt the Universe gives me a little nudge (or big shove!) when I need to make changes in my life. I decided to see this time as an opportunity to reflect on my life, and make new choices to support my neurodivergent self. I reflected, I researched and tried to find ways to make changes to my working life that would better support me, but I hit panic mode. I’d created an outwardly successful life, but inwardly I lived in a state of panic and overwhelm. I didn’t know how to change my life, and all the resources available didn’t seem to have the answers.

Reconnecting with myself -

When I left corporate life, I’d spent a lot of time connecting to my core values and dreams. I revisited those audiobooks, and I started again.

As I listened, I realised in horror that I had not been living my life by my core values at all. I had spent my life being a prolific people pleaser and assessing my worth on how much use I’d been to others.  From that moment, I decided that my life would be centred around my values. I would live them each day, and build a life that allowed me to thrive and be successful on my own terms.


As I aligned my life and made the changes, I felt immense inner peace. I was recalibrating. I didn’t want to lose this feeling, or be drawn back into living up to societal expectations of success.  And my RADIATE model was born! I created a model that I can use to stay connected to my values, play to my strengths, advocate for myself and create clear boundaries - all to set me up for a thriving and successful life, on MY terms! I’ve used it to transform my whole life, step by step, and I use it to stay connected and in alignment.

Sharing is caring -

Feeling the calmest and happiest I’ve ever felt, I knew I wanted to share this with other women like me. Other women who wish their life could be different, but feel like it’s too late to make changes, too late to lead a life that they actually enjoy.  And so I stepped out as ‘The Autistic Joyologist’, supporting others to thrive and shine, as their true authentic selves. It feels so special to be sharing my RADIATE programme, because I know how much it’s enabled me to transform my life.  It’s exciting to be able to share that with other women, too.

Being bold, brave, and seen! -

The truth is, The Autistic Joyologist is on a mission! As late diagnosed women, we are transforming our own lives, so we can lead fulfilling and happy lives, but we are blazing a trail of glory for our younger generations of autistic ADHD girls. Smashing apart outdated stereotypes and creating a brighter and happier future for those that follow in our footsteps.  It’s never too late to create a life that lights you up, and enables you to be your beautiful, brilliant and authentic self!

To find out more about me please visit, The Autistic Joyologist - https://www.autisticjoyologist.co.uk/ or connect with me via  Nikki Butler - The Autistic Joyologist (@autisticjoyologist) and   Facebook

December 28, 2020

Stepping in to 2021 with Moodboards and ditching New Years Resolutions.

Why I won't be setting any New Years resolutions but looking forward to 2021 with mood boards and visualisation.

Ditch the New Years Resolutions

I couldn't believe how many 'join my diet' group invites I've received, since Christmas morning. The pressure from other women seems relentless. We need to change the narrative around the diet culture. When these invites randomly get sent they don't really know the individuals personal experiences or thoughts about their own body. It has the potential to be very damaging for some recipients.

Why is it ok to allow someone else's body insecurities to be pushed on to others?  I have tried every diet going over the years and spent endless January's beating myself up about over indulging. It's a hard habit to break but it's a cycle that we can change and step away from.  I noticed a difference when I started to focus on all the positive things I was enjoying in life. I am fit and healthy,  I love being outdoors exercising and the weighing scales play no part in my self worth.

Looking forward with Mood Boards

Instead of placing unnecessary resolutions on myself I choose to look forward to all the things that I love doing. The challenges I thrive on and the things that I'm passionate about. Creating a mood board reminds me of all my goals and aspirations. It's a much more uplifting and positive way to welcome in the new year.

Visualistaion/Moodboard 2021

It's simple to do. You can create a mood board using cut outs from magazines, look for things that inspire you and words that resonate with you. This year I'm going to step out of my own way , I've been doing a lot of self-development work with the amazing Dani Wallace.

My office mood board carries words like " Make it Happen" and "What you put in to life is what you get out of it". I've also included images of inspiration and reminders. It may sound corny but placing this somewhere that you see it every day really can make a difference. I find it very therapeutic creating them and it really helps to clarify my goals for 2021. I have big plans to achieve next year including finishing my book and seeing it published. Some of my aspirations may seem too big right now but I'm a firm believer that if you don't put it out there the you will never get it.

If you're more of a digital person why not create a mood board screen saver, I used Pinterest and Canva to create this one and it I like the idea that I can keep adding to it and change things around as the year goes on.

It's always good to look back and reflect on the year that's gone and see which parts of your visualisation and mood board came true. You might be surprised! Dream big!

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