Davina McCall & Rachel Peru for Tescos FFactive

I am genuinely loving my new career in to modelling. Not least because I get to work and meet some really inspiring people and Davina McCall is definitely on that list. I had the pleasure of working for FandFclothing for their FFactive range and despite the freezing cold weather (involving hot water bottles) it was a fun days work.

Fran Bacon, Rachel Peru with Naomi Shimada for Tesco's FFAactive

Exercising with friends is so much more fun! Davina McCall,Fran Bacon, Rachel Peru, Naomi Shimada, Lulu Stone and Katie Ellison

I even survived the ten minute warm up exercises with @sarahblendfit which was not an easy walk in the park. It made me think A) my fitness could be improved and B) how much fun it is to exercise with groups of women having fun and smiling though the pain. I have actually got myself motivated after this to try and extend my daily dog walks to longer more challenging routes and I am tentatively jogging my way to joining a local 5K parkrun #nevertooold

Anyone that knows me knows my wardrobe consists of 80% Black. It was a refreshing change to wear some bright clothes and I think its a habit I need to break out of. I actually bought some of these outfits!