August 25, 2019

Time for the Real Me. Amber magazine article, 2019

I was honoured to have the opportunity to write an article and be featured in Issue 7 of the Amber magazine. If you haven't come across this magazine I can highly recommend it. The creator Amber Schormans is a one woman show, creating the magazine from scratch with all her passion and drive. The magazine features creative women from across the globe, celebrating all our differences with a strong sense of realism, none of the images are edited so what you see is a true representation. What a refreshing approach to be part of.

Yorkshire Moors shoot with photographer Laura Carly Adams

Ilkley Moor Baht'at photographed by Mark Peru

"I have walked these moors nearly every week for the last thirty years, it's where I find peace and find a sense of calm whenever life feels tough. It's a place of complete freedom, to roam where ever you choose and to take your own path. I am 50 next year and I have never felt more comfortable in my own skinned with who I am becoming".

Shooting on home turf on the Yorkshire moors with local photographer and friend Laura Carly Adams was really special and the sun shone perfectly for us.

"I would never have been able to model in my twenties and thirties as I struggled with low self-esteem and lack of confidence, this only changed when I hit forty. I wasted so many years missing out on doing things because I was always too self-conscious and scared that now I'm like a child in a toy shop in life."

I love fashion and regularly shop on the high street, the clothes I wore for this shoot were from Asos and Marks & Spencers. Whilst M&S are great at representing women over forty in their marketing it would be nice to see more brands getting on board with this.

Yorkshire moors fashion shoot with photographer Laura Carly Adams Dress from Asos

I love fashion and regularly shop on the high street, the clothes I wore for this shoot were from Asos and Marks and Spencers. Whilst I think M&S are good at representing women over 40 in advertising I do wish other brands would get on board and stop alienating a huge percentage of their shoppers.

Yorkshire Moors shoot Rachel Peru with Laura Carly Adams Dress from Asos, Jumper Mango

"I will continue to make my own path in this career with the same sense of freedom that I have on the moors. Find your own path"


Featured in

Blue & Red dresses

Tartan dress

Red jumper

Brown boots

July 4, 2019

Feroce magazine, front cover, May 2019, Vol.7

I am so proud to be on the front cover of Feroce May edition, as a an older model it is a real struggle and moments like this make the frustration worth it.

I really do think the fashion industries slowly getting better at including older models but this seems be focussing on the over 60's whereas the middle aged 40-50 don't get represented. We have so much to offer , with age comes a different confidence and I have a real passion for what I'm doing. Why are we still so invisible in the industry?

This woman means business!

Photographer Mariam Gomez

Artistic director Rhiannon Brackpool

Stylist Katie Gillh

HMUA Ellie Morris

June 4, 2019

The need to express creativity, life after 40.

"Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world" Brene Brown

Opportunities for older models are scarce so I need to go out and make my own to express my creative nature.

I have always loved the theatre and took A' Level Theatre Studies back in 1988, yes 31 years ago! That love has never gone and as my confidence has grown in the last few years my need to express my creative side has got stronger. It's like welcoming the 18 year old me back in to my life and it's exciting and opening new doors to explore.

This woman means business.

Smoke without fire

May 26, 2018

Women over 40 wear lingerie too!

As a woman in her forties I still love to sit down and read fashion magazines and I'm guilty of losing hours shopping and browsing on line. I love fashion and that includes admiring and buying nice underwear. I am a 34FF bra size so that in its self limits my accessibility, although there are so many more brands doing my size fashionably now. However what I find completely demoralising as a shopper is that they are always modelled on young, fresh faced models who look stunning with their youthful bodies. But trying to imagine what I might look like in my 48 year old body compared to the image is never a positive comparison. Our body shape changes, are skin isn't as tight and firm as it used to be, I need more support up front!

But I can still look and feel good in the right lingerie without being constantly reminded that I am ageing. It does leave you with a feeling off being written off by the fashion industry and things need to change.

Lingerie set (XL) and dressing gown , Gifted from F&F Clothing. Photographer Mya Fawcett, MUA Emma Denton.

Whilst there are some very positive brands embracing this change such as Berlei, Panache and Lonely Label wouldn't it be nice if all brands got on board and didn't just see it as a quick PR eye catcher for individual campaigns but don't carry it through the rest of their website or advertising.

This Berlei campaign is the way forward and they are at the fore front of embracing all ages in their continued advertising. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we saw these kind of images every time we opened a magazine.

How amazing does this older model look for Lonely Label lingerie, I look at this photo and I can't help thinking that if we saw women of all ages we would be less insecure about growing older and it would help our self confidence and body positivity as we change through the decades.

Whilst I think this photo of 57 year old Julianne Moore modelling for Triumph is beautiful, I only hope they continue down this road in their ongoing branding and images. I want to be able to relate to the models in magazines and fashion branding ,please don't alienate us, after all we have money to spend and make up a high percentage of your sales!

Panache lingerie set 34FF

Basque set Bravissimo 34FF.

February 1, 2018

#whatsstoppingyou with Davina McCall FFactive

Davina McCall & Rachel Peru for Tescos FFactive

I am genuinely loving my new career in to modelling. Not least because I get to work and meet some really inspiring people and Davina McCall is definitely on that list. I had the pleasure of working for FandFclothing for their FFactive range and despite the freezing cold weather (involving hot water bottles) it was a fun days work.

Fran Bacon, Rachel Peru with Naomi Shimada for Tesco's FFAactive

Exercising with friends is so much more fun! Davina McCall,Fran Bacon, Rachel Peru, Naomi Shimada, Lulu Stone and Katie Ellison

I even survived the ten minute warm up exercises with @sarahblendfit which was not an easy walk in the park. It made me think A) my fitness could be improved and B) how much fun it is to exercise with groups of women having fun and smiling though the pain. I have actually got myself motivated after this to try and extend my daily dog walks to longer more challenging routes and I am tentatively jogging my way to joining a local 5K parkrun #nevertooold

Anyone that knows me knows my wardrobe consists of 80% Black. It was a refreshing change to wear some bright clothes and I think its a habit I need to break out of. I actually bought some of these outfits!

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