After attending my first York Insta Meet I felt so much more confident and actually excited to attend my second event, especially as I have listened to every single one of the guest Sara Tasker #hashtagauthentic podcasts.

It's the first time I've visited Newburgh Priory and it really is a beautiful place, surrounded by so rich much history

I live about an hour and half away from Newburgh Priory and have never been there before so wasn't quite sure what to expect. I have to confess, seeing as thought this post is all about sharing that since being peri-menopausal driving has suddenly caused me to feel very anxious, especially new places. My approach to this reflects my personality, I am trying to face it head on and keep pushing myself to do it instead of avoiding it. I also find Kalm tablets are a god send. but who would have thought this could be a possible side effect of the menopause, apparently I am not alone, it's quite common. Anyway off I went and it was well worth the drive as the entrance to Newburgh Priory is beautiful, like driving up to a film set.

It's full of places where you could just sit and read a b book, a little piece of solitude and calm.

You can't help but feel inspired when you are surrounded by rich history and beautiful surroundings. As so as I arrived I saw the goody bag table surrounded by women placing their own business cards inside and I love this idea. Not only is it a great way of getting your creative business known to more people, build possible connections for work and collaborations but it's that sense of ownership of what you are doing that sends a really strong message to me. It's something that I have struggled with in the past, it's that imposter syndrome feeling. However there has definitely been a shift in my mind and I am now owning my model/podcaster/blogger titles and attending events like this definitely helps too.

Goody bags full of business cards and women sharing their talents

Exploring the house just made me want to create a fashion shoot here, some of the rooms and furniture are quite magnificent. The turquoise blue room was a favourite amongst the photographers and a bloggers dream room.

A photographers and bloggers dream house to shoot. , Newburgh Priory, Blue room.

Social media has led me to collaborate with so many different people that I otherwise would never have come across. I discovered Rhona Langan on Instagram and have been following her new business Colours By Rhona with admiration. I am a huge champion of women in midlife who take on new challenges and don't let midlife pigeon hole them into thinking they can't follow their dreams. I recently made a short film called What's Stopping You and Rhona kindly agreed to take part in it so I was delighted that we finally got to meet in person. We are now planning to collaborate on a project together and I'm looking forward to interviewing her for my podcast too.

Finally got to meet Rhona Langan & photographer Lottie Brown

I loved the fact that Louise and Caroline were equally excited to be interviewing Sara Tasker as the audience was to hear from her. If you haven't heard of Sara Tasker @meandorla, where have you been? Sara is one of the first instagram sensations and her writing , creativity and story telling is honest, beautiful and inspiring. Sara's podcast #hashtagauthentic was the very first podcast I listened to and I have walked many miles dog walking listening to her and gaining inspiration and knowledge.

So much to ask Sara Tasker @meandorla

It would have been such a shame not to grab that photo opportunity. what struck me was how patient she was with everyone asking questions after the event and also how genuinely helpful her answers were. We live in a very competitive world which seems to have been made worse by the Instagram like button and followers obsession. I have to be honest and say as a model there has been times on my social media when I have got down through comparing myself and my instagram numbers to my peers which just creates self doubt and insecurities. I have got over that now, I unfollow those that make me feel negative and have made the conscious decision to just stay in my lane, be as authentic as I can be and share and support those that leave a positive effect on me. Thats why I left this event feeling inspired and reminded that sharing our stories and knowledge with each other really is the best way forward. It's about helping each other up the ladder instead of only being interested in climbing to the top. Sharing is caring.

Fabulous to finally meet Sara Tasker after listening to all of her #hashtagauthentic podcasts

I have already started reading Hashtag Authentic, I think it will take me awhile to work through each part but it's already got me thinking. What do I really love, homing back to those simple pleasures in life and how can I translate that in my work, work in progress!

A huge thank you to Louise and Caroline, for organising another great inspiring event. As someone with a creative mind its hard to keep a clear head sometimes but I left feeling inspired with some space to reflect and look forward to what's next.

Watch this space!

I left with a clearer vision of where I am heading and a head full of inspiration.